Paecilomyces formosus

Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina, Eurotiales, Aspergillaceae. Genus: PAECILOMYCES

Paecilomyces formosus (Sakaguchi et al.) Houbraken & Samson

Colony characteristics

Colonies (MEA, 7 d, 30°C) reaching 8 cm diam.


Conidiophores irregularly branched; conidia olive-brown, ellipsoidal to cylindrical, with truncate ends. Chlamydospores sessile or on short stalks, smooth-walled, spherical subhyaline.

Differential diagnosis

Differentiation from closely related species P. maximus and P. lecythidus still needs investigation (Samson et al., 2009).


RG-1, BSL-1. Batarseh et al. (2020) reported a pulmonary infection in an immunocompetent individual. An infection in a patient with a granulomatous disease was described by Heshmatnia et al. (2017) and a cutaneous infection in a preborn infant by Kuboi et al. (2016). Good growth at 37C.


Samson et al. (2009).


Monilia formosa Sakaguchi, Inoue & Tada – Centbl. Bakt. ParasitKde, Abt. II 100: 302, 1939 ≡ Paecilomyces formosus (Sakaguchi, Inoue & Tada) Samson & Houbraken, in Samson, Houbraken, Varga & Frisvad – Persoonia 22: 21, 2009; type strain: CBS 990.73B = ATCC 10865 = IMI 058427 = NRRL 1282.