2nd U.S.A. ATLAS/FDLC Course in Clinical Fungi

2nd U.S.A. ATLAS/FDLC Course in Clinical Fungi

Dear Mycologist,

We are excited to announce the 2nd U.S.A. ATLAS/FDLC Course in Clinical Fungi*. The content of the course provides the ultimate tool for lab identification of medically important fungi and is designed to equip attendees with the knowledge and practical laboratory skills to enhance and improve the diagnosis of fungal diseases. The course includes a panel of internationally renowned medical mycologists, pathologists, pharmacists, and infectious disease and dermatology specialists with experts in fungal disease diagnosis.

  • 6-full day in-person CME and P.A.C.E. credited course contains morning sessions for lectures and afternoon sessions for practical lab training.
  • The intended participants are laboratory professionals, physicians, residents, fellows, scientists, and researchers at all learning levels who are interested in diagnosis of fungal diseases.
  • The topics include laboratory identification of major fungal groups including yeasts, and yeast-like fungi, Mucorales, Entomophthorales, Aspergillus and other hyaline fungi, dermatophytes, dematiaceous fungi, basidiomycetes, and endemic dimorphic fungi, and clinical aspects of the fungal diseases caused by these fungi. In addition, fungal histopathology, MALDI-TOF MS, molecular and sequencing identification, fungal serology and biomarkers, antifungal susceptibility testing, PK/PD, and mechanism of antifungal resistance, and case studies will be covered.

Time: September 23–28, 2024.

Location: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, U.S.A.

Tuition: US$ 1,000. The fee covers breakfast, luncheons, and coffee/tea with snacks/cookies during breaks. Maximum participants: 60.

Registration: https://ce.mayo.edu/internal-medicine/content/2nd-fdlcatlas-course-clinical-fungi#group-tabs-node-course-default6 or https://labs.pathology.jhu.edu/fdlc/education/.
(You probably need to create a Mayo Clinical account before moving forward to register).

Contact: Sean Zhang
Department of Pathology
The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Email: szhang28@jhmi.edu

*The course is co-organized by FDLC (Fungal Diagnostic Laboratory consortium: https://labs.pathology.jhu.edu/fdlc/) and the Foundation Atlas of Clinical Fungi.