Cases of animal mycoses

Cases of animal mycoses

Dear colleagues,

In analogy to the Atlas of Clinical Fungi, Sybren, Amir, Abdullah, Sarah and Jacques have started the preparation of an Atlas of fungal diseases in animals. The idea is to describe the clinical and histopathological features in vertebrates (other than humans), without the fungi themselves because these have already been described in the clinical Atlas. The text should be Atlas-style, which is detailed and richly augmented with references. To see what this will look like, please consult the online Atlas ( and type “Mammal” in chapter search. You will find two first chapters: one about mycoses in cats and another one in dogs, which will serve as models for remaining animal groups (horses, cattle, birds, and numerous wild animals). Similar to the clinical Atlas, the website will be updated regularly. We plan to print it in book-form (colourful Atlas-style) when a sufficient number of chapters is ready. This will certainly take some years to be completed. 

To stimulate preservation of data, pictures, sequences and material, we started a simple repository for veterinary cases on the same website. Anyone can submit cases there. After login, click on “Cases of animal mycoses” in the menu bar. You will get a simple form where you can describe your case, and deposit anything that is informative for the case (pictures of lesions, cytology, histology, sequences, results of antifungal tests…). In this way we hope to obtain more insight into occurrence of rare diseases or diseases in uncommon animals and obtain a panel of representative clinical cases. We hope you like this, and we certainly appreciate your active participation!

Thank you in advance for your interest,

Sybren de Hoog, Amir Seyedmousavi, Abdullah Al-Hatmi, Sarah Ahmed, Jacques Guillot