Colletotrichum asianum

Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina, Glomerellales, Glomerellaceae. Genus: COLLETOTRICHUM

Colletotrichum asianum Prihastuti et al.

Colony characteristics

Colonies (PDA, 7 d, 28°C) attaining 40 mm diam, greenish white, centrally becoming greyish green to dark green with age; reverse with dark centre. Small tufts of aerial hyphae carry orange to dark orange conidial masses. Acervuli, sclerotia and setae absent.


Conidia 9-20 × 3.0-4.7 μm, produced on hyphae and in masses, one-celled, smooth-walled, guttulate, hyaline,
cylindrical with rounded ends, slight narrowing at the middle. Appressoria mostly formed on conidia in slide cultures, 5-10 × 3.5-6.5 μm, brown to dark brown, ovoidal, clavate to irregular, often becoming complex with age. Sexual state unknown.


RG-1, BSL-1. Originally isolated from fresh coffee berries (Coffea arabica) in Thailand. Ghorpade et al. (2022) reported cases of keratitis.


Colletotrichum asianum Prihastuti, L. Cai & Hyde, in Prihastuti, Cai, Chen, McKenzie & Hyde – Fung. Div. 39: 96, 2009; type strain: MFLU 090233.