Cunninghamella guizhouensis

Mucoromycotina, Mucorales, Cunninghamellaceae. Genus: CUNNINGHAMELLA

Cunninghamella guizhouensis Z.Y. Zhang et al.

Colony characteristics

Colonies (PDA, 2 d, 25°C) reaching 50 mm diam; after 5 d with 8-12 mm high aerial mycelium, initially white, gradually becoming pale grey; reverse pale grey, clouded.


Hyphae hyaline, initially non-septate, later with irregular septation, 5-10 μm wide. Sporophores occasionally with a septum at the base, hyaline, erect, mostly straight, smooth-walled, arising from aerial hyphae; lateral branches short, monopodial, in verticillate arrangement. Vesicles of main stalks smooth-walled, (sub)spherical), 11.5-22.5 μm; vesicles of lateral branches (subspherical, 9-20 μm, sometimes with long and slender pedicels. Sporangioles densely echinulate with pointed spines up to 3 μm long, (sub)spherical, 10-14 μm. Chlamydospores absent. Sexual state unknown.


RG-1, BSl-1. Thammathiwat et al. (2023) reported a CAPD-related peritonitis.


Cunninghamella guizhouensis Z.Y. Zhang, Y.F. Han & Z.Q. Liang, in Zhang, Zhao, Shen, Chen, Han, Huang & Liang – Phytotaxa 455: 36, 2020; type strain: GZUIFR-SX25.