Glossary – B

Terminology used in this Atlas is explained below. The reader is also referred to the Dictionary of the Fungi (Hawksworth et al., 1995). For descriptive terms in morphology, the Illustrated Dictionary of Mycology (Ulloa & Hanlin, 2000) is recommended. Diagram of used shape terminology


Glossary – B

bacilliform – narrow cylindrical.

ballistoconidia – plural of ballistoconidium, conidium formed on spine-like outgrowth of a cell, forcibly discharged by a droplet mechanism.

ballistoconidium (plural: ballistoconidia) – conidium formed on spinelike outgrowth of a cell, forcibly discharged by a droplet mechanism.

bamboohypha – straight hypha with darkened septa at regular intervals.

barrelshaped – ellipsoidal with flattened poles, doliiform.

basidiospore – reproductive spore produced after meiosis in Basidiomycetes.

basidium (plural: basidia) – cell in Basidiomycota in which karyogamy and meiosis takes place.

basipetal – growing at the base.

basitonous – with dense branching at the base of the conidiophore, compared to more widely spaced branching in the apical part.

beak – terminal extension of a conidium.

behavioral changes – rapid and involuntary changes of conduct associated with a mental disorder.

beta conidia – long-cylindrical to filiform conidia in Coelomycetes with dimorphic conidia.

biflagellate – with two flagellae.

biguttulate – containing two droplets.

binomial – specific name, consisting of a first element indicating the generic relationship and a second element indicating the species.

bipolar – at the opposite extremities of a cell.

biseriate – phialides in Aspergillus being supported by a layer of metulae.

bitunicate – with double ascus wall, of which the innermost may bulge out at spore liberation.

biverticillate – conidial stipes in Penicillium which are once branched, each branch bearing whorl of phialides.

blastic – kind of conidiogenesis in which the conidium initial inflates from the supporting cell; it is already recognizable as a conidium initial before it has formed a basal septum.

blastoconidia – plural of blastoconidium, conidium formed by blastic conidiogenesis.

blastoconidium (plural: blastoconidia) – conidium formed by blastic conidiogenesis.

brick – brownishred, colour of bricks.

Brudzinski’s sign – severe neck stiffness causing a patient’s hips and knees to flex when the neck is flexed.

budding cell – discrete cell reproducing by local inflation of the wall; microscopically distinguishable by small daughter cell adhering to larger mother cell.

buff – yellowishbrown, pale leather coloured.

bulbil – multicelled, clumplike propagule.

bulletshaped – short, with pointed apex and flat base.

butyrous – with buttery texture.