Glossary – G

Terminology used in this Atlas is explained below. The reader is also referred to the Dictionary of the Fungi (Hawksworth et al., 1995). For descriptive terms in morphology, the Illustrated Dictionary of Mycology (Ulloa & Hanlin, 2000) is recommended. Diagram of used shape terminology


Glossary – G

gametangium – cell in which gametes are formed.

gamete – cell liberated from gametangium to copulate with cell of opposite sex.

gemma – chlamydosporelike resting body in Oomycota.

geneological concordance – phylogenetic trees with identical topology indicating absence of recombination and used as criterion for species delimination.

geniculate – with repeated kneelike bents.

germ pore – circular thinwalled part of propagule through which germination takes place.

germ slit – elongate thinwalled part of a propagule through which germination takes place.

gingivitis – inflammation of the gums.

glabrous -(of colony) without aerial mycelium; (of microscopic structure), smoothwalled.

granular -(of colony) macroscopically coarsely powdery, (of cell), containing numerous oily droplets.

granulomatous – special type of inflammatory reaction characterized by a balllike collection of immune cells formed when the immune system attempts to wall off substances perceived as foreign but is unable to eliminate.

guttulate – containing a single droplet.