Glossary – L

Terminology used in this Atlas is explained below. The reader is also referred to the Dictionary of the Fungi (Hawksworth et al., 1995). For descriptive terms in morphology, the Illustrated Dictionary of Mycology (Ulloa & Hanlin, 2000) is recommended. Diagram of used shape terminology


Glossary – L

lageniform – flaskshaped.

lanceolate – rocketshaped, slender, with somewhat swollen base and acute apex; syn.: acerose.

lanose – woolly, with abundant loose, regular aerial mycelium.

laryngitis – inflammation of the larynx, especially its mucosa.

lenticular – lensshaped, circular in face view and ellipsoidal in lateral view.

limoniform – lemonshaped, with small protrusions at the poles.

linear – very narrow cylindrical.

lobate – having small lobes or rounded projections.

longitudinal – of septation: parallel to length axis of hypha.

lunate – moonshaped, curved with pointed ends.