Megasporoporia setulosa

Basidiomycota, Agaricomycotina, Polyporales, Polyporaceae. Genus: MEGASPOROPORIA

Megasporoporia setulosa (Henn.) Rajchenberg

Description in vivo

Fruitbodies on rotten wood extended, crust-like, cream-coloured, with rather large pores. Basidiospores over 10 µm long, 4.2-5.7 µm wide. Hyphal pegs and clamp connections present; skeletal hyphae dextrinoid.


RG-1, BSL-1. Crust-shaped fungus on rotten wood. Samaddar et al. (2023) reported a subcutaneous infection in an immunocompetent male.


Poria setulosa Hennings – Bot. Jb. 28: 321, 1900 ≡ Megasporoporia setulosa (Hennings) Rajchenberg, in Ryvarden, Wright & Rajchenberg – Mycotaxon 16: 180, 1982; type strain: not defined.