Basidiomycota, Agaricomycotina, Polyporales, Polyporaceae. Genus: MEGASPOROPORIA

Crust-like fruitbodies on rotten angiosperm branches. Crusts are whitish, with rather large pores, 1-5 per mm2. Basidiospores over 10 µm and around 5 µm wide. Generative hyphae with clamp connections; skeletal hyphae dextrinoid.

Recommended barcoding gene: rDNA ITS. Small genus of resupinate basidiomycetes producing porous crusts on rotten wood. For a key to species, see Zhou & Dai (2008) and an overview with related genera was provided by Wang et al. (2022).

Generic type species: Poria setulosa Henn. ≡ Megasporoporia setulosa (Henn.) Rajchenberg (1982).