Nomenclature – names

Names of clinical and veterinary fungi

Recommended names are generally validated by type strains. For more details on those lacking a recommended name, consult chapter “Index of doubtful names and unconfirmed clinical cases” in the Atlas of Clinical Fungi.

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Recommended nameMember of complexSynonymsLink in atlasCommentDisease name
NoneAbsidia gracilisDoubtful Mucoralean, no typeNone
Acaulium acremoniumMonilia acremonium, Scopulariopsis acremonium, Scopulariopsis danicaview in atlasAcaulium acremonium (N)
NoneAcaulium nigrum var. glabrumDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneAchorion annulosum, Bodinia annulosum, Trichophyton annulosumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneAchorion arloini, Aleurima arloiniDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneAchorion brumptii, Trichophyton brumptiiDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneAchorion ceratophagus, Oospora porriginis var. ceratophagusDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneAchorion debueniiDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Acremonium blochiiMastigocladium blochii, Scopulariopsis blochiiview in atlasAcremonium blochii (N)
Acremonium curvulumKiflimonium curvulumview in atlasAcremonium curvulum (N)
Acremonium egyptiacumOospora egyptiaca, Acremonium egyptiacum, Cephalosporium sclerotigenum, Acremonium sclerotigenumview in atlasAcremonium egyptiacum (N)
Acremonium exuviarumview in atlasAcremonium exuviarum (N)
Acremonium hyalinulumTorula hyalinulaview in atlasAcremonium hyalinulum (N)
Acremonium recifeiCephalosporium recifei, Hyalopus recifei, Xenoacremonium recifeiview in atlasAwaiting stabilized nomenclature of Nectriaceae.Acremonium recifei (N)
Acremonium spinosumCephalosporium spinosum, Hyalopus spinosus, Lasionectriopsis spinosa, Bulbithecium spinosumview in atlasAcremonium spinosum (N)
Acrophialophora fusisporaPaecilomyces fusisporusview in atlasAcrophialophora fusispora (N)
Acrophialophora levisview in atlasAcrophialophora levis (N)
Actinomucor elegans Rhizopus elegans, Mucor elegans, Glomerula repens, Mucor glomerula, Mucor botryoides view in atlasActinomucor elegans (N) 
Albifimbria verrucariaPeziza verrucaria, Myrothecium verrucariaview in atlasAlbifimbria verrucaria (N)
NoneAleurisma guilliermondiiDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Alternaria alstroemeriaeview in atlasAlternaria alstroemeriae (N)
Alternaria alternataAlternaria tenuis, Torula alternata, Alternaria arborescensview in atlasAlternaria alternata (N)
Alternaria anthropophilaview in atlasAlternaria anthropophila (N)
Alternaria atraUlocladium atrum, Stemphylium atrumview in atlasAlternaria atra (N)
Alternaria atrobrunnea view in atlasAlternaria atrobrunnea (N) 
Alternaria botrytisUlocladium botrytisview in atlasAlternaria botrytis (N)
Alternaria brassicicolaHelminthosporium brassicicola No proven case reportNo proven case report
Alternaria caespitosaBotryomyces caespitosus, Ybotromyces caespitosusview in atlasAlternaria caespitosa (N)
Alternaria chartarumUlocladium chartarumview in atlasAlternaria chartarum (N)
Alternaria chlamydosporaview in atlasAlternaria chlamydospora (N)
Alternaria dianthicolaNo proven case reportNo proven case report
Alternaria guarroi view in atlasAlternaria guarroi (N) 
Alternaria infectoriaAureobasidium slovacum, Chmelia slovaca, Alternaria slovaca, Alternaria infectoria, Pleospora infectoria, Lewia infectoriaview in atlasAlternaria infectoria (N)
Alternaria longipes Macrosporium longipesview in atlasAlternaria longipes (N) 
Alternaria malorumCladosporium malorum, Phaeoramularia kellermaniana, Cladophialophora kellermaniana, Pseudocladosporium kellermanianumview in atlasAlternaria malorum (N)
Alternaria tenuissimaHelminthosporium tenuissimumview in atlasAlternaria tenuissima (N)
Anthopsis deltoideaview in atlasAnthopsis deltoidea (N)
Aphanoascella galapagosensisview in atlasAphanoascella galapagosensis (N)
Aphanoascus fulvescensBadhamia fulvescens, Anixiopsis fulvescensview in atlasAphanoascus fulvescens (N)
Aphanoascus keratinophilusAleurisma keratinophilum, Chrysosporium keratinophilumview in atlasAphanoascus keratinophilus (N)
Apiotrichum domesticumTrichosporon domesticumview in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Apiotrichum domesticum (N)
Apiotrichum loubieri Geotrichum loubieri, Trichosporon loubieri view in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Apiotrichum loubieri (N) 
Apiotrichum mycotoxinovorans Trichosporon mycotoxinovorans view in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Apiotrichum mycotoxinovorans (N) 
Apiotrichum veenhuisii Trichosporon veenhuisii view in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Apiotrichum veenhuisii (N) 
Apophysomyces elegans view in atlasMucormycosis
Apophysomyces mexicanusview in atlasMucormycosis
Apophysomyces ossiformis view in atlasMucormycosis
Apophysomyces trapeziformisview in atlasMucormycosis
Apophysomyces variabilisview in atlasMucormycosis
NoneArachniotus flavoluteusDoubtful, no typeNone
Arachnomyces bostrychodesNo proven case reportNone
Arachnomyces kanei Onychocola kanei view in atlasArachnomyces kanei (N) 
Arachnomyces nodosetosusOnychocola canadensis view in atlasThe asexual name is older, but not in the oldest genus. The name is unstable; for now, maintain the Atlas.Arachnomyces nodosetosus (N)
Arachnomyces peruvianusAnixiopsis peruviana, Xanthothecium peruvianumview in atlasArachnomyces peruvianus (N)
Arnium leporinumSordaria leporina, Podospora leporina, Arnium leporinumview in atlasArnium leporinum (N)
Arthrinium arundinisGymnosporium arundinis, Apiospora arundinis, Sphaeria apiospora, Apiospora apiospora, Apiospora montagneiview in atlasArthrinium arundinis (N)
Arthrinium phaeospermumGymnosporium phaeospermumview in atlasArthrinium phaeospermum (N)
Arthrocladium fulminansview in atlasArthrocladium fulminans (N)
Arthroderma amazonicumMicrosporum amazonicum, Nannizzia borellii, Arthroderma borelliiview in atlasArthroderma amazonicum (N)
NoneArthroderma benedekiiDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Arthroderma chiloniense No proven case reportNone
Arthroderma corniculatumNannizzia corniculataGeophilic dermatophyteArthroderma corniculatum (N)
Arthroderma eboreumTrichophyton eboreum, Arthroderma olidumview in atlasArthroderma eboreum (N)
Arthroderma flavescensTrichophyton flavescensview in atlasArthroderma flavescens (N)
Arthroderma gertleri Trichophyton vanbreuseghemii, Arthroderma vanbreuseghemiiview in atlasArthroderma gertleri (N)
Arthroderma gloriaeTrichophyton gloriaeview in atlasArthroderma gloriae (N)
Arthroderma lilyanumview in atlasArthroderma lilyanum (N)
Arthroderma mcgillisianumview in atlasArthroderma mcgillisianum (N)
Arthroderma onychocolaTrichophyton onychocolaview in atlasArthroderma onychocola (N)
Arthroderma phaseoliformeTrichophyton phaseoliformeview in atlasArthroderma phaseoliforme (N)
Arthroderma redelliiTrichophyton redellii view in atlasArthroderma redellii (N)
Arthroderma terrestreTrichophyton terrestreview in atlasArthroderma terrestre (N)
Arthroderma thuringienseTrichophyton thuringienseview in atlasArthroderma thuringiense (N)
Arthroderma uncinatumKeratinomyces ajelloi, Epidermophyton terrigenum,  Microsporum ajelloi, Trichophyton ajelloi, Epidermophyton ajelloi, Keratinomyces ajelloi, Trichophyton ajelloi var. nanum, Epidermophyton stockdaleaeview in atlasArthroderma uncinatum (N)
Arthrographis kalraeArthrographis langeronii, Oidiodendron kalrae view in atlasArthrographis kalrae (N)
NoneDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Ascotricha chartarumDicyma ampullifera, Ascotrichum chartarumview in atlasAscotricha chartarum (N)
Aspergillus acidusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus aculeatusAspergillus japonicusview in atlasAspergillosis
NoneAspergillus acutus, Eurotium acutum Doubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
Aspergillus alabamensisview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus alliaceusview in atlasAspergillosis
NoneAspergillus alutaceusDoubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
Aspergillus avenaceusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus awamoriUstilago welwitschiae, Sterigmatocystis welwitschiae, Aspergillus welwitschiae, Aspergillus luchuensis Inui, Aspergillus awamori, Aspergillus niger var. awamoriview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus beijingensisNo proven case reportNone
NoneAspergillus bouffardii, Madurella bouffardiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Aspergillus brasiliensisview in atlasAspergillosis
NoneAspergillus bronchialisDoubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
Aspergillus caelatusNo proven case reportNone
Aspergillus caesiellus view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus calidoustusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus candidusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus caninusPhialosimplex caninusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus carneusSterigmatocystis carneaview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus chevalieriEurotium chevalieri, Aspergillus chevalieriview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus chlamydosporusSagenomella chlamydospora, Phialosimplex chlamydosporusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus clavatonanicusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus clavatusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus conicusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus deflectusview in atlasAspergillosis
NoneAspergillus dessyi, Thomiella dessyiDoubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
Aspergillus dobrogensisNo proven case reportNone
Aspergillus felisAspergillus parafelis, Aspergillus pseudofelisview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus fennelliaeNeosartorya fennelliaeNo proven case reportNone
Aspergillus fischeriA. fumigatus series / species complexNeosartorya fischeri, Aspergillus fischerianusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus flavipesSterigmatocystis flavipes, Fennellia flavipesview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus flavusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus fontoynontiiNo proven case reportNone
Aspergillus fumigatiaffinisA. fumigatus series / species complexview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus fumigatusAspergillus fumigatus  var. ellipticus, Aspergillus neoellipticus, Aspergillus phialoseptus, Neosartorya fumigata view in atlasAspergillosis
NoneAspergillus fumigatus var. fulvi-ruberDoubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
Aspergillus fumisynnematusA. fumigatus series / species complexview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus glaucusMucor herbariorum, Eurotium herbariorumview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus granulosus view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus hiratsukaeNeosartorya hiratsukaeview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus insolitusScopulariopsis insolita, Scopulariopsis divaricata, Scopulariopsis divaricata var. alba, Polypaecilum insolitumview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus janusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus laciniosaNeosartorya laciniosaview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus lentulusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus montevidensisEurotium montevidense, Eurotium amstelodami var. montevidense, Eurotium amstelodami, Aspergillus amstelodami , Aspergillus vitis, Eurotium vitis, Aspergillus hollandicusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus nidulansSterigmatocystis nidulans, Diplostephanus nidulans, Emericella nidulans, Aspergillus nidulans var. dentatus, Emericella nidulans var. dentata, Emericella dentata, Aspergillus dentatus, Aspergillus nidulellusview in atlasAspergillosis
NoneAspergillus nidulans var. cesariiDoubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
Aspergillus nigerSterigmatocystis nigraview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus niveusEmericella nivea, Fennellia nivea, Aspergillus neoniveusview in atlasAspergillosis
NoneAspergillus niveus var. bifidusDoubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
Aspergillus nomiaePetromyces nomiaeview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus ochraceopetaliformisview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus ochraceusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus oryzaeEurotium oryzae, Aspergillus jeanselmei, Sterigmatocystis jeanselmei view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus parafelisview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus penicillioidesview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus persiiview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus protuberusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus pseudodeflectusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus pseudoglaucusEurotium pseudoglaucum, Eurotium repens, Aspergillus repensview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus pseudotamarii view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus pseudoviridinutansview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus quadrilineatusEmericella quadrilineatus, Aspergillus tetrazonus view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus restrictusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus rugulosusEmericella rugulosa, Aspergillus rugulovalvusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus sclerotiorumview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus spinosusAspergillus fischeri, Neosartorya fischeri, Neosartorya spinosa, view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus sublatusAspergillus nidulans, Emericella nidulans var. lata, Aspergillus latus, Emericella sublataview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus subramanianii view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus sydowiiSterigmatocystis sydowiiview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus tamarii view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus tanneri Aspergillus terreus, Sterigmatomyces hortai view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus terreusview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus thermomutatusAspergillus fischeri var. thermomutatus, Neosartorya pseudofischeri view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus tritici view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus tubingensis A. niger series / species complexview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus udagawaeNeosartorya udagawae, Aspergillus udagawaeview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus unguisSterigmatocystis unguis, Emericella unguisview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus ustusSterigmatocystis ustaview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus uvarumview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus versicolorSterigmatocystis versicolorview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus violaceofuscusAspergillus japonicus, Aspergillus japonicus var. capillatus view in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus viridinutansview in atlasAspergillosis
Aspergillus wentiiview in atlasAspergillosis
NoneAtelosaccharomyces breweri, Cryptococcus breweri, Saccharomyces breweri, Torulopsis breweriDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneAtelosaccharomyces cataneiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneAtelosaccharomyces conoriDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Aureobasidium melanogenumAureobasidium pullulans  var. melanogenumview in atlasAureobasidium melanogenum (N)
Aureobasidium pullulansDematium pullulans, Kabatiella proteae, Aureobasidium proteae view in atlasAureobasidium pullulans (N)
Auxarthron alboluteumMalbranchea alboluteaview in atlasAuxarthron alboluteum (N)
Auxarthron ostravienseMalbranchea ostraviensisview in atlasAuxarthron ostraviense (N)
Auxarthron umbrinumGymnoascus umbrinus, Malbranchea umbrinaview in atlasAuxarthron umbrinum (N)
Basidiobolus haptosporusview in atlasBasidiobolomycosis
Basidiobolus meristosporusview in atlasBasidiobolomycosis
Basidiobolus omanensisview in atlasBasidiobolomycosis
Basidiobolus ranarum view in atlasBasidiobolomycosis
Batrachochytrium dendrobatidisview in atlasChytridiomycosis
Batrachochytrium salamandrivoransview in atlasChytridiomycosis
Beauveria bassianaBotrytis bassianaview in atlasBeauveria bassiana (N)
NoneBeauveria brumptii, Tritirachium brumptiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Bipolaris australiensis Helminthosporium australiense, Drechslera australiensis, Curvularia australiensis view in atlasThe genera Bipolaris and Curvularia might be merged; names thus unstable. For now, maintain Atlas names.Bipolaris australiensis (N)
Bipolaris cynodontisHelminthosporium cynodontis, Drechslera cynodontisNo proven case reportBipolaris cynodontis (N)
Bipolaris hawaiiensis Helminthosporium hawaiiense, Drechslera hawaiiensis, Bipolaris hawaiiensis, Curvularia hawaiiensis, Cochliobolus hawaiiensisview in atlasThe genera Bipolaris and Curvularia might be merged; names thus unstable. For now, maintain Atlas names.Bipolaris hawaiiensis (N)
Bipolaris oryzaeHelminthosporium oryzae, Drechslera oryzae, Ophiobolus miyabeanus, Cochliobolus miyabeanus view in atlasThe genera Bipolaris and Curvularia might be merged; names thus unstable. For now, maintain Atlas names.Bipolaris oryzae (N)
Bipolaris papendorfiiCurvularia papendorfii, Drechslera papendorfiiview in atlasThe genera Bipolaris and Curvularia might be merged; names thus unstable. For now, maintain Atlas names.Bipolaris papendorfii (N)
Bipolaris spiciferaBrachycladium spiciferum, Curvularia spicifera, Drechslera spicifera, Cochliobolus spiciferview in atlasThe genera Bipolaris and Curvularia might be merged; names thus unstable. For now, maintain Atlas names.Bipolaris spicifera (N)
Bjerkandera adusta Boletus adustusview in atlasBjerkandera adusta (N)
Blastobotrys adeninivoransTrichosporon adeninivorans, Arxula adeninivorans, view in atlasBlastobotrys adeninivorans (N)
Blastobotrys chiropterorumCandida chiropterorum, view in atlasBlastobotrys chiropterorum (N)
Blastobotrys proliferansview in atlasBlastobotrys proliferans (N)
Blastobotrys raffinosifermentansview in atlasBlastobotrys raffinosifermentans (N)
Blastobotrys serpentisview in atlasBlastobotrys serpentis (N)
NoneBlastodendrion canisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneBlastodendrion elongatum, Monilia elongata, Cryptococcus elongatusDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneBlastodendrion cutaneum var. fujiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneBlastodendrion gracileDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Blastomyces dermatitidisview in atlasBlastomycosis
Blastomyces emzantsi view in atlasBlastomycosis
Blastomyces gilchristii B. dermatitidis species complexBlastomyces dermatitidis, Blastomyces gilchristiiview in atlasBlastomycosis
Blastomyces helicusEmmonsia helicaview in atlasBlastomycosis
Blastomyces parvusHaplosporangium parvum, Emmonsia parva, Chrysosporium parvumview in atlasThis type species of Emmonsia clusters amidst species of the older genus Blastomyces.Blastomycosis
Blastomyces percursusview in atlasBlastomycosis
Blastomyces silveraeview in atlasBlastomycosis
NoneBodinia fuliginea, Trichophyton fuligineum, Favotrichophyton fuligineumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Boeremia exiguaPhoma exigua view in atlasBoeremia exigua (N)
NoneBotryomyces angioformans Doubtful yeast, no typeNone
Bradymyces oncorhynchiview in atlasBradymyces oncorhynchi (N)
Cadophora bubakiiMargarinomyces bubakii, Phialophora bubakii, Cadophora bubakiiview in atlasCadophora bubakii (N)
Calyptrozyma arxiiNo proven case reportNone
Canariomyces subthermophilusThielavia subthermophilaview in atlasCanariomyces subthermophilus (N)
Candida africanaview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida albicans Blastodendrion favrei, Candida albicans var. metalondinensis, Candida aldoi, Candida biliaria, Candida claussenii, Candida desidiosa, Candida favrei, Candida intestinalis, Candida langeroni, Candida metalondinensis, Candida mycotoruloidea, Candida nouvelii, Candida pinoysimilis, Candida psilosis, Candida stellatoidea, Candida triadis, Candida truncata, Castellania copellii, Castellania metalondinensis, Cryptococcus copellii, Cryptococcus favrei, Cryptococcus pinoysimilis, Dematium albicans, Endomyces albicans, Endomyces vuilleminii, Endomycopsis albicans, Guilliermondella vuilleminii, Monilia aldoi, Monilia alvarezsotoi, Monilia favrei, Monilia metalondinensis, Monilia periunguealis, Monilia psilosis, Monilia stellatoidea, Monilia tumefaciens albus, Myceloblastanon copellii, Myceloblastanon favrei, Myceloblastanon metalondinensis, Myceloblastanon psilose, Myceloblastanon tumefaciens album, Mycotorula albicans, Mycotorula alvarezsotoi, Mycotorula sinensis, Mycotorula verticillata, Mycotoruloides aldoi, Mycotoruloides ovalis, Mycotoruloides triadis, Oidium albicans, Parasaccharomyces albicans, Parendomyces periunguealis, Procandida albicans, Procandida grubyi, Procandida stellatoidea, Saccharomyces albicans, Saccharomyces tumefaciens alba, Syringospora psilosis, Syringospora stellatoidea, Zymonema alvarezsotoiview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida aurisview in atlasNote that the species is phylogenetically remote from Candida s.str., and has significant intraspecific variability; the name might be unstable.Candidiasis
NoneCandida blanciDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Candida blankiiview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida bracarensisC. glabrata species complexview in atlasCandida bracarensis or Nakaseomyces bracarensis. When Candida glabrata is transmitted to Nakaseomyces, logically also its species complex members should be renamed. Candidiasis
Candida conglobataview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida diddensiaeview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida dubliniensisview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida duobushaemuli member of C. haemuli species complexview in atlasNote that Latin epithet has been corrected again: duobushaemuli.Candidiasis
Candida fermentatiC. fermentati species complexTorula fermentati, Trichosporon appendiculare, Fermentotrichon appendiculare, Pichia caribbica, Meyerozyma caribbicaview in atlasMember of Wickerhamomycetaceae thus really remote from Candida. Should be in Meyerozyma. Fermentati is oldest epithet (1922), much older than caribbica (2005), this is an unstable situation. For now, use fermentati. Requires change in Atlas.Candidiasis
Candida galliNo proven case reportNone
Candida genitalisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Candida glabrataview in atlasCandida glabrata or Nakaseomyces glabratus. Member of Saccharomycetaceae remote from Candida in Debaryomycetaceae. Argument against change today: Candida is still highly polyphyletic, thus unstable, we recommend to wait for final phylogeny with reallocation of all Candida species. Candidiasis
Candida haemuli C. haemuli species complexview in atlasNote that Latin epithet has been corrected again: haemuli.Candidiasis
Candida haemuloniiOrthrographic variant of Candida haemuliCandidiasis
Candida intermediaview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida magnoliaeview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida mengyuniaeview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida metapsilosisC. parapsilosis species complexview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida nivariensisC. glabrata species complexview in atlasCandida nivariensis or Nakaseomyces nivariensis. When Candida glabrata is transmitted to Nakaseomyces, logically also its species complex members should be renamed.Candidiasis
Candida orthopsilosis C. parapsilosis species complexview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida palmioleophilaview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida parapsilosisview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida pseudoaaseriview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida pseudohaemuliview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida quercitrusaview in atlasCandidiasis
NoneCandida rugosa var. elegansDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Candida saitoanaTorula candida, Torulopsis candidaNo proven case reportNone
Candida sakeEutorulopsis sake, Torulopsis sake, Candida sake, Candida vanriji, Candida salmonicola, Candida australis, Torulopsis austromarina, Candida austromarinaview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida subhashii view in atlasCandidiasis
Candida tropicalisAtelosaccharomyces paratropicalis, Atelosaccharomyces tropicalis, Candida albicans var. tropicalis, Candida benhamiae, Candida loboi, Candida paratropicalis, Candida vulgaris, Castellania paratropicalis, Castellania tropicalis, Endomyces paratropicalis, Endomyces tropicalis, Geotrichum vulgaris, Monilia paratropicalis, Monilia tropicalis, Myceloblastanon paratropicalis, Myceloblastanon tropicale, Mycotorula dimorpha, Mycotorula trimorpha, Mycotorula tropicalis, Mycotoruloides trimorpha, Oidium tropicalis, Procandida tropicalis, Syringospora dimorphaview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida viswanathiiview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida vulturnaview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida wangnamkhiaoensisview in atlasCandidiasis
Candida zeylanoidesMonilia macroglossiae, Cryptococcus macroglossiae, Torulopsis macroglossiae, Parendomyces macroglossia, Monilia zeylanoides, Parendomyces zeylanoides, Pseudomonilia zeylanoides, Cryptococcus uvae, Monilia uvae,  Syringospora uvae, Pichia dubiaview in atlasCandidiasis
Catenulostroma chromoblastomycosumNo proven case reportNone
Cephaliophora irregularisview in atlasCephaliophora irregularis (N)
Cephaloascus fragransNo proven case reportNone
NoneCephalosporium cordoniforme, Hyalopus cordoniformisDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneCephalosporium doukourei, Hyalopus doukoureiDoubtful hyaline fungus, no typeNone
NoneCephalosporium granulomatisDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneCephalosporium griseum, Hyalopus griseusDoubtful, no typeNone
Cephalotheca foveolataview in atlasCephalotheca foveolata (N)
Cephalotheca sulfureaview in atlasCephalotheca sulfurea (N)
Cephalotrichum gorgoniferTrichurus gorgoniferview in atlasCephalotrichum gorgonifer (N)
NoneCercospora apiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Ceriporia lacerataEmmia lacerata view in atlasCeriporia lacerata (N)
Chaetomium anamorphosumSubramaniula anamorphosaview in atlasChaetomium anamorphosum (N)
Chaetomium atrobrunneumAmesia atrobrunneaview in atlasGenus Amesia needs confirmation in larger phylogenies.Chaetomium atrobrunneum (N)
Chaetomium brasilienseOvatospora brasiliensisview in atlasGenus Ovatospora needs confirmation in larger phylogenies.Chaetomium brasiliense (N)
Chaetomium funicolaDichotomopilus funicolaview in atlasChaetomium funicola (N)
Chaetomium globosumview in atlasChaetomium globosum (N)
Chaetomium murorumBotryotrichum murorumview in atlasChaetomium murorum (N)
Chaetomium perlucidumParachaetomium perlucidumview in atlasGenus Parachaetomium needs confirmation in larger phylogenies.Chaetomium perlucidum (N)
Chaetomium strumariumAchaetomium strumariumview in atlasGenus Achaetomium needs confirmation in larger phylogenies.Chaetomium strumarium(N)
NoneChaetophoma dermo-unguisDoubtful, no typeNone
Chalara ellisiiNo proven case reportNone
Chamaeleomyces granulomatisMetarhizium granulomatisview in atlasChamaeleomyces granulomatis (N)
Chamaeleomyces viridisPaecilomyces viridis, Chamaeleomyces viridis, Metarhizium virideview in atlasChamaeleomyces viridis (N)
Chlamydoabsidia padenii view in atlasChlamydoabsidia padenii (N)
Chondrostereum purpureumStereum purpureumview in atlasChondrostereum purpureum (N)
NoneGrubyella chosenica, Trichophyton chosenicaDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Chrysosporium pannicolaCapillaria pannicola, Trichophyton evolceanui, Chrysosporium evolceanuiview in atlasChrysosporium pannicola (N)
Chrysosporium queenslandicumApinisia queenslandica, Uncinocarpus queenslandicusview in atlasChrysosporium queenslandicum (N)
Chrysosporium tropicumview in atlasChrysosporium tropicum (N)
Chrysosporium zonatumPseudoarachniotus orissae, Uncinocarpus orissae, Gymnoascus arxii, Chrysosporium gourii view in atlasChrysosporium zonatum (N)
Cladosporium flavovirensNo proven case reportNone
Cladophialophora arxiiview in atlasCladophialophora arxii (N)
Cladophialophora bantianaTorula bantiana, Xylohypha bantiana, Cladosporium trichoides, Cladosporium trichoides var. chlamydosporumview in atlasCladophialophora bantiana (N)
Cladophialophora boppiiTaeniolella boppiiview in atlasCladophialophora boppii (N)
Cladophialophora carrioniiCladosporium carrionii, Cladophialophora ajelloi view in atlasCladophialophora carrionii (N)
Cladophialophora devriesiiCladosporium devriesiiview in atlasCladophialophora devriesii (N)
Cladophialophora emmonsiiXylohypha emmonsiiview in atlasCladophialophora emmonsii (N)
Cladophialophora immundaview in atlasCladophialophora immunda (N)
Cladophialophora modestaview in atlasCladophialophora modesta (N)
Cladophialophora mycetomatisview in atlasCladophialophora mycetomatis (N)
Cladophialophora samoensisview in atlasCladophialophora samoensis (N)
Cladophialophora saturnicaview in atlasCladophialophora saturnica (N)
Cladorrhinum bulbillosumview in atlasCladorrhinum bulbillosum (N)
Cladosporium angulosumNo proven case reportNone
Cladosporium anthropophilumNo proven case reportNone
Cladosporium allicinumCladosporium herbarum complexSphaeria allicina, Davidiella allicina, Hormodendrum hordei, Cladosporium bruhnei Cladosporium allicinum (N)
NoneCladosporium chlamydeumDoubtful, no typeNone
Cladosporium cladosporioidesPenicillium cladosporioides, Cladosporium cladosporioidesview in atlasCladosporium cladosporioides (N)
Cladosporium crousiiNo proven case reportNone
Cladosporium floccosumNo proven case reportNone
NoneCladosporium gossypii, Chalastospora gossypiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Cladosporium herbarum Dematium herbarum, Cladosporium herbarum, Sphaerella tassiana, Mycosphaerella tassiana, Davidiella tassianaview in atlasCladosporium herbarum (N)
Cladosporium oxysporumview in atlasCladosporium oxysporum (N)
Cladosporium sphaerospermumHormodendron langeronii, Cladosporium langeroniiview in atlasCladosporium sphaerospermum (N)
Clavispora lusitaniaeCandida parapsilosis, Candida obtusa, Candida lusitaniaeview in atlasCandida lusitaniae or Clavispora lusitaniae. Species is phylogenetically remote from Candida, close to C. auris which might be changed to Clavispora, a relatively well-accepted genus. To prevent back-changing because of C. auris, preferably maintain Clavispora lusitaniae.Candidiasis
Coccidioides immitisMycoderma immite, Blastomycoides immitis, Zymonema immitis, Geotrichum immitis, Aleurisma immiteview in atlasCoccidioidomycosis
Coccidioides posadasiiPosadasia esferiformis, Coccidioides pyogenes, Coccidium neoplasticum, Oidium coccidioides, Oidium protozoides, Pseudococcidioides mazzae, Geotrichum louisianoideum, Coccidioides immitis var. louisianoideum, Glenospora meteuropaea, Coccidioides immitis var. meteuropaea, Aleurisma meteuropaeum, Glenosporopsis meteuropaea, Glenospora metamericana, Coccidioides immitis var. metamericana,  Aleurisma metamericanum, Trichosporon proteolyticum, Geotrichum proteolyticum, Coccidioides posadasii view in atlasCoccidioidomycosis
Cokeromyces recurvatus view in atlasMucormycosis
Colletotrichum acutatumview in atlasColletotrichum acutatum (N)
Colletotrichum asianumview in atlasColletotrichum asianum (N)
Colletotrichum chlorophyti view in atlasColletotrichum chlorophyti (N)
Colletotrichum coccodesChaetomium coccodesview in atlasColletotrichum coccodes (N)
Colletotrichum dematiumSphaeria dematium, Vermicularia dematiaview in atlasColletotrichum dematium (N)
Colletotrichum gigasporumview in atlasColletotrichum gigasporum (N)
Colletotrichum gloeosporioidesVermicularia gloeosporioides, Colletotrichum gloeosporioidesview in atlasColletotrichum gloeosporioides (N)
Colletotrichum graminicolaDicladium graminicolaview in atlasColletotrichum graminicola (N)
Colletotrichum truncatumVermicularia truncataview in atlasColletotrichum truncatum (N)
Conidiobolus coronatus Boudierella coronata, Delacroixia coronata, Entomophthora coronata, view in atlasConidiobolomycosis
Conidiobolus incongruusview in atlasConidiobolomycosis
Conidiobolus lampraugesview in atlasConidiobolomycosis
Coprinellus domesticusAgaricus domesticus, Coprinus domesticus, Hormographiella verticillataview in atlasCoprinellus domesticus (N)
Coprinellus radiansAgaricus radians, Coprinus radians, Coprinellus radiansview in atlasCoprinellus radians (N)
Coprinopsis cinerea Agaricus cinereus, Coprinus cinereus, Hormographiella aspergillataview in atlasCoprinopsis cinerea (N)
Corynespora cassiicolaHelminthosporium cassiicolaview in atlasCorynespora cassiicola (N)
Cryptendoxyla hypophloiaview in atlasCryptendoxyla hypophloia (N)
Cryptococcus bacillisporus Filobasidiella bacillisporaview in atlasCryptococcosis
NoneCryptococcus cavarae, Syringospora cavaraeDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneCryptococcus cavicola, Torula cavicolaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneCryptococcus cooperiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneCryptococcus corsellii, Torula corselliiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Cryptococcus decagattii view in atlasCryptococcosis
NoneCryptococcus degenerans, Zymonema degenerans, Torulopsis degeneransDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Cryptococcus deneoformans Filobasidiella neoformansview in atlasCryptococcosis
Cryptococcus deuterogattii view in atlasCryptococcosis
NoneCryptococcus eguttulatusDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneCryptococcus epidermidis, Torulopsis epidermidisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneCryptococcus fontoynontiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneCryptococcus fuscus, Torulopsis fusca, Eutorula fusca Doubtful yeast, no type
Cryptococcus gattiiCryptococcus hondurianus, Torulopsis hominis, Torulopsis neoformans, Cryptococcus neoformans  var. gattii, Filobasidiella bacillispora  view in atlasCryptococcosis
NoneCryptococcus gotoiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneCryptococcus gougerotii-ganceaeDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneCryptococcus gracilioidesDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Cryptococcus neoformansSaccharomyces neoformans, Blastomyces neoformans, Torulopsis neoformans, Debaryomyces neoformans, Lipomyces neoformans, Cryptococcus psicrofilusview in atlasCryptococcosis
Cryptococcus tetragattii view in atlasCryptococcosis
Cryptostroma corticaleConiosporium corticaleNo proven case reportNone
NoneCtenomyces bossaeDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Cunninghamella arunalokei view in atlasMucormycosis
NoneCryptococcus bernasconii, Torulopsis bernasconii, Eutorula bernasconiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Cunninghamella bertholletiaeCunninghamella polymorphaview in atlasMucormycosis
Cunninghamella blakesleeana view in atlasMucormycosis
Cunninghamella elegansview in atlasMucormycosis
Curvularia alcornii view in atlasCurvularia alcornii (N)
Curvularia americanaview in atlasCurvularia americana (N)
Curvularia brachysporaview in atlasCurvularia brachyspora (N)
Curvularia buchloesHelminthosporium buchloes, Curvularia buchloesNo proven case reportNone
Curvularia clavataview in atlasCurvularia clavata (N)
Curvularia coimbatorensisview in atlasCurvularia coimbatorensis (N)
Curvularia geniculataHelminthosporium geniculatum, Cochliobolus geniculatus, Pseudocochliobolus geniculatusview in atlasCurvularia geniculata (N)
Curvularia hominisview in atlasCurvularia hominis (N)
Curvularia inaequalisHelminthosporium inaequaleview in atlasCurvularia inaequalis (N)
Curvularia lunataAcrothecium lunatum, Cochliobolus lunatus, Pseudocochliobolus lunatus, Malustela aeria, Curvularia lunata, Curvularia aeriaview in atlasCurvularia lunata (N)
Curvularia pallescensPseudocochliobolus pallescens, Cochliobolus pallescens view in atlasCurvularia pallescens (N)
Curvularia senegalensisBrachysporium senegalenseview in atlasCurvularia senegalensis (N)
Curvularia tamilnaduensisview in atlasCurvularia tamilnaduensis (N)
Curvularia tuberculata Cochliobolus tuberculatusview in atlasCurvularia tuberculata (N)
Curvularia verruculosaPseudocochliobolus verruculosus, Cochliobolus verruculosusview in atlasCurvularia verruculosa (N)
Cutaneotrichosporon arboriformeview in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Cutaneotrichosporon arboriforme (N)
Cutaneotrichosporon curvatum Candida heveanensis, Candida curvata, Cryptococcus curvatusview in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Cutaneotrichosporon curvatum (N)
Cutaneotrichosporon cutaneum Pleurococcus beigelii, Sclerotium beigelianum, Zoogloea beigelina, Chlamydatomus beigelii, Hyalococcus beigelii, Micrococcus beigelii, Trichosporon beigelii, Sporotrichum beigelii, Geotrichum beigelii, Oidium cutaneum, Mycoderma cutanea, Monilia cutanea, Oospora cutanea, Trichosporon cutaneum, Geotrichoides cutaneus, Geotrichum cutaneum, Proteomyces cutaneus, Trichosporon minus view in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Cutaneotrichosporon cutaneum (N)
Cutaneotrichosporon cyanovoransCryptococcus cyanovoransview in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Cutaneotrichosporon cyanovorans (N)
Cutaneotrichosporon debeurmannianumTrichosporon debeurmannianumview in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Cutaneotrichosporon debeurmannianum (N)
Cutaneotrichosporon dermatisTrichosporon dermatisview in atlasTrichosporon dermatis or Cutaneotrichosporon dermatis. Separation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Cutaneotrichosporon dermatis (N)
Cutaneotrichosporon jirovecii Trichosporon jirovecii, Trichosporon beemeri view in atlasSeparation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Cutaneotrichosporon jirovecii (N)
Cutaneotrichosporon mucoidesTrichosporon mucoidesview in atlasTrichosporon mucoides or Cutaneotrichosporon mucoides. Separation from Trichosporon probably not needed, it is the same family / clade. But this requires a name change from the Atlas.Cutaneotrichosporon mucoides (N)
Cyberlindnera fabianiiHansenula fabianii, Pichia fabianii, Lindnera fabianii, Cyberlindnera fabianii view in atlasCandida fabianii or Cyberlindnera fabianii. Member of Metschnikowiaceae remote from C. albicans. Cyberlindnera is reasonably well accepted.Cyberlindnera fabianii (N)
Cyberlindnera jadinii Torula utilis, Candida utilis, Saccharomyces jadinii, Pichia jadinii, Lindnera jadiniiview in atlasCandida utilis or Cyberlindnera jadinii. Utilis (1926) is older than jadinii (1932) described for the sexual state and thus superfluous; the name is unstable, but Cyberlindnera phylogenetically appropriate. As yet recommended to follow GenBank and Atlas.Cyberlindnera jadinii (N)
Cyclomyces tabacinusPolyporus tabacinus, Polyporus microcyclus, Hymenochaete microcyclaview in atlasCyclomyces tabacinus (N)
Cylindrocarpon cyanescensPhialophora cyanescens, Cylindrocarpon cyanescens, Neocosmospora cyanescens, Fusarium cyanescensview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Cylindrocarpon cyanescens (N)
Cylindrocarpon destructansRamularia destructans, Cylindrocarpon destructans, Ilyonectria destructans, Nectria radicicolaview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Cylindrocarpon destructans (N)
Cyniclomyces guttulatusSaccharomyces guttulatus, Atelosaccharomyces guttulatus, Saccharomycopsis guttulatusview in atlasCyniclomyces guttulatus (N)
Cyphellophora europaeaPhialophora europaeaview in atlasCyphellophora europaea (N)
Cyphellophora fusarioidesPeudomicrodochium fusarioidesview in atlasCyphellophora fusarioides (N)
Cyphellophora laciniataview in atlasCyphellophora laciniata (N)
Cyphellophora ludoviensisview in atlasCyphellophora ludoviensis (N)
Cyphellophora pluriseptataview in atlasCyphellophora pluriseptata (N)
Cyphellophora suttonii Pseudomicrodochium suttoniiview in atlasCyphellophora suttonii (N)
Cystofilobasidium macerans Rhodotorula macerans, Cryptococcus maceransview in atlasCystofilobasidium macerans (N)
NoneDebaryomyces artagaveytiaeDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneDebaryomyces burnieri, Cryptococcus burnieriDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneDebaryomyces emphysematosusDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Debaryomyces hanseniiview in atlasCandida famata or Debaryomyces hansenii. The epithet hansenii is the oldest name for this taxon (1889). Six names with valid types are older than famata, thus this name is unstable. D. hansenii is type species of Debaryomyces. Candidiasis
Debaryomyces subglobosusBlastodendrion flareri, Parendomyces flareri, Candida flareriNo proven case reportCandidiasis
NoneDematium chodatii, Cladosporium chodatii, Candida chodatii, Endomycopsis chodatiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Dialonectria episphaeria Sphaeria episphaeria, Dialonectria episphaeria, Cucurbitaria episphaeria, Fusarium episphaeria, Cosmospora episphaeria, Selenosporium aquaeductuum, Fusarium aquaeductuum, Fusicolla aquaeductuumview in atlasFusariosis
NoneDiplodia gossypinaDoubtful, no typeNone
Diaporthe bougainvilleicolaPhomopsis bougainvilleicolaview in atlasDiaporthe bougainvilleicola (N)
Diaporthe eresPhomopsis velataNo proven case reportNone
Diaporthe longicollaPhomopsis longicollaview in atlasDiaporthe longicolla (N)
Diaporthe miriciaeview in atlasDiaporthe miriciae (N)
Diaporthe oculi view in atlasDiaporthe oculi (N)
Diaporthe phaseolorumPhoma phaseoli, Phomopsis phaseoli, Sphaeria phaseolorumview in atlasDiaporthe phaseolorum (N)
Diaporthe phoenicicolaPhomopsis phoenicicola, Subramanella arecae, Diaporthe arecaeview in atlasDiaporthe phoenicicola (N)
Diaporthe pseudooculiview in atlasDiaporthe pseudooculi (N)
Diaporthe ueckeri view in atlasDiaporthe ueckeri (N)
Dichotomophthora portulacaeview in atlasDichotomophthora portulacae (N)
Dichotomophthoropsis nymphaearumHelicosporium nymphaearumview in atlasDichotomophthoropsis nymphaearum (N)
Didymella gardeniaePyrenochaeta gardeniae, Phoma gardeniae, Peyronellaea gardeniaeview in atlasDidymella gardeniae (N)
Didymella glomerataConiothyrium glomeratum, Phoma glomerata, Peyronellaea glomerataview in atlasDidymella glomerata (N)
Didymella heteroderaePhoma heteroderae, Peyronellaea heteroderaeview in atlasDidymella heteroderae (N)
Didymella macrostomaPhoma macrostomaview in atlasDidymella macrostoma (N)
Didymella microchlamydosporaPhoma microchlamydosporaview in atlasDidymella microchlamydospora (N)
Didymella pedeiaePhoma pedeiaeview in atlasDidymella pedeiae (N)
Dirkmeia churashimaensisPseudozyma churashimaensisview in atlasDirkmeia churashimaensis (N)
NoneDiscomyces algiris, Oospora algiris, Madurella algirisDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneDiscomyces congolensis, Actinomyces congolensis, Sporotrichum congolenseDoubtful actinomycete, no typeNone
Dissitimurus exedrusview in atlasDissitimurus exedrus (N)
Diutina catenulataBlastodendrion brumpti, Candida brumpti, Mycotorula brumpti, Candida catenulata, Diutina catenulataview in atlasCandidiasis
Diutina pseudorugosaCandida pseudorugosaview in atlasCandidiasis
Diutina rugosaMycoderma rugosa, Candida rugosa, Azymocandida rugosa, Diutina rugosa, Candida mesorugosa, Diutina mesorugosa view in atlasCandida rugosa or Diutina rugosa. Phylogenetic position unknown; name might be unstable. Uncommonly used; recommended to follow GenBank and Atlas. Or better keep as Candida rugosa? But then we have to go back compared to Atlas.Candidiasis
Drechslera biseptataHelminthosporium biseptatum, Marielliottia biseptata, Pyrenophora biseptataview in atlasDrechslera biseptata (N)
Drechslera cactivoraHelminthosporium cactivorumNo proven case reportNone
Edenia gomezpompaeNo proven case reportNone
Emarellia griseaview in atlasEmarellia grisea (N)
Emarellia paragriseaview in atlasEmarellia paragrisea (N)
Emergomyces africanusview in atlasEmergomycosis
Emergomyces canadensis view in atlasEmergomycosis
Emergomyces europaeusview in atlasEmergomycosis
Emergomyces orientalisview in atlasEmergomycosis
Emergomyces pasteurianusEmmonsia pasteurianaview in atlasEmergomycosis
Emmonsia crescensChrysosporium parvum, Emmonsia parva, Emergomyces crescens, Ajellomyces crescensview in atlasEstablishment of the borders of Emergomyces needs additional material; the name may be unstable.Adiaspiromycosis
Emydomyces testavoransview in atlasEmydomyces testavorans (N)
NoneEndomyces blanchardii, Monilia blanchardii, Parendomyces blanchardiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces bonaërensis, Zymonema bonaërense Doubtful, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces bronchialis, Monilia bronchialis, Myceloblastanon brochiale, Castellania bronchialisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces burgesii, Monilia burgesii, Castellania burgesiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces candidusDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces capsulatus, Monilia capsulata, Zymonema capsulatumDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces chalmersii, Monilia chalmersii, Myceloblastanon chalmersii, Candida chalmersii, Castellania chalmersii, Candida lodderi, Mycotorula chalmersiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces crateriformis, Sporotrichum crateriforme, Zymonema crateriformeDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces cruzi, Zymonema cruziDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces entericus, Monilia enterica, Myceloblastanon entericum, Candida enterica, Castellania entericaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneEndomyces faecalis, Monilia faecalis, Myceloblastanon faecale, Castellania faecalisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Epicoccum nigrumEpicoccum purpurascens, Phoma epicoccinaview in atlasEpicoccum nigrum (N)
Epicoccum sorghinumPhyllosticta sorghina, Phoma sorghinaview in atlasEpicoccum sorghinum (N)
Epicoccum tritici view in atlasEpicoccum tritici (N)
NoneEpidermophyton angustisporumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneEpidermophyton cerebriformeDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneEpidermophyton gypseumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneEpidermophyton niveum var. coremigerumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneEpidermophyton flavumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneEpidermophyton radiosulcatum var. flavumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Epidermophyton floccosumAcrothecium floccosum, Blastotrichum floccosum, Dactylium floccosumview in atlasDermatomycosis
NoneEpidermophyton griseumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneEuantiothamnus braultii, Monilia braultii, Blastodendrion braultii, Syringospora braultiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneEurotium diplocyste, Aspergillus diplocystisDoubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
Exophiala angulosporaview in atlasExophiala angulospora
Exophiala aquamarinaview in atlasExophiala aquamarina
Exophiala arunalokei No proven case reportNone
Exophiala asiaticaview in atlasExophiala asiatica (N)
Exophiala attenuataview in atlasExophiala attenuata (N)
Exophiala bergeriCandida nigra-canadensis, Torula bergeri, Pullularia bergeriview in atlasExophiala bergeri (N)
Exophiala campbelliiview in atlasExophiala campbellii (N)
Exophiala canceraeview in atlasExophiala cancerae (N)
Exophiala castellanii view in atlasExophiala castellanii (N)
Exophiala dermatitidisHormiscium dermatitidis, Fonsecaea dermatitidis, Hormodendrum dermatitidis, Phialophora dermatitidis, Wangiella dermatitidis, Mycotorula schawii view in atlasExophiala dermatitidis (N)
Exophiala equinaHaplographium debellae-marengoiview in atlasExophiala equina (N)
Exophiala jeanselmeiTorula jeanselmei, Pullularia jeanselmei, Phialophora jeanselmeiview in atlasExophiala jeanselmei (N)
Exophiala lecanii-corni Torula lecanii-corni, Pullularia fermentans, Exophiala jeanselmei var. lecanii-corni, Hormodendrum negronii, Exophiala negronii view in atlasExophiala lecanii-corni (N)
Exophiala moniliaeview in atlasExophiala moniliae (N)
Exophiala oligospermaMelanchlenus oligospermusview in atlasExophiala oligosperma (N)
Exophiala phaeomuriformisSarcinomyces phaeomuriformisview in atlasExophiala phaeomuriformis (N)
Exophiala pisciphilaview in atlasExophiala pisciphila (N)
Exophiala polymorphaview in atlasExophiala polymorpha (N)
Exophiala salmonisAureobasidium salmonisview in atlasExophiala salmonis (N)
Exophiala spiniferaPhialophora spinifera, Rhinocladiella spiniferaview in atlasExophiala spinifera (N)
Exophiala xenobioticaview in atlasExophiala xenobiotica (N)
Exserohilum rostratumHelminthosporium rostratum, Bipolaris rostrata, Drechslera rostrata, Helminthosporium halodes, Bipolaris halodes, Drechslera halodes, Exserohilum halodes, Helminthosporium longirostratum, Bipolaris longirostrata, Drechslera longirostrata, Exserohilum longirostratum, Setosphaeria rostrata, Setomelanomma rostrata, Exserohilum macginnisii view in atlasExserohilum rostratum (N)
NoneFavotrichophyton caballinum, Grubyella caballina, Trichophyton caballinumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Falciformispora lignatilisview in atlasFalciformispora lignatilis (N)
Falciformispora senegalensisLeptosphaeria senegalensisview in atlasFalciformispora senegalensis (N)
Falciformispora tompkinsiiLeptosphaeria tompkinsiiview in atlasFalciformispora tompkinsii (N)
NoneFavotrichophyton angolense, Grubyella angolensis, Trichophyton angolensisDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneFavotrichophyton decipiens, Achorion decipiensDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Fereydounia khargensisview in atlasFereydounia khargensis (N)
Filobasidium chernoviiCryptococcus chernovii No proven case reportNone
Filobasidium magnumCryptococcus laurentii, Cryptococcus ater, Melanocryptococcus ater, Cryptococcus laurentii var. magnus, Cryptococcus aterview in atlasFilobasidium magnum (N)
Filobasidium uniguttulatumEutorulopsis uniguttulata, Cryptococcus neoformans, Cryptococcus uniguttulatus view in atlasFilobasidium uniguttulatum (N)
Fonsecaea monophoraBotrytoides monophoraview in atlasChromoblastomycosis
Fonsecaea multimorphosaview in atlasChromoblastomycosis
Fonsecaea nubicaview in atlasChromoblastomycosis
Fonsecaea pedrosoi view in atlasChromoblastomycosis
NoneFonsecaea pedrosoi var. convoluta Variant of F. pedrosoi, no typeNone
Fonsecaea pugnaciusview in atlasChromoblastomycosis
Fusarium acutatumview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium andiyaziview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium anthophilumFusisporium anthophilum, Fusarium moniliforme var. anthophilum, Fusarium tricinctum var. anthophilum, Fusarium sporotrichiellaview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium chlamydosporumview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium dimerumBisifusarium dimerumview in atlasAwaiting the dispute on Fusarium phylogeny; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
NoneFusarium equinumDoubtful Fusarium speciesNone
Fusarium falciformeF. solani species complexCephalosporium falciforme, Acremonium falciforme, Neocosmospora falciformeview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium incarnatum F. incarnatum-equiseti species complexFusarium semitectum, Fusisporium pallidoroseum, Fusarium pallidoroseumview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium keratoplasticumF. solani species complexCephalosporium keratoplasticum, Hyalopus keratoplasticum, Neocosmospora keratoplasticaview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium lactisF. moniliforme var. lactisview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium lichenicolaF. solani species complexCylindrocarpon lichenicola, Neocosmospora lichenicola, Cylindrocarpon tonkinense, Neocosmospora tonkinense, Fusarium tonkinenseview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium metavoransNeocosmospora metavorans view in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium mundagurraview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium neocosmosporiellumF. solani species complexview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium musaeGibberella musaeview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium napiformeview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium neocosmosporiellumNeocosmospora vasinfectaview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium nygamai Gibberella nygamaiview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium oxysporumFusarium veterinariumview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium penzigiiBisifusarium penzigii view in atlasAwaiting the dispute on Fusarium phylogeny; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium petroliphilumF. solani species complexFusarium solani var. petroliphilum, Fusarium petroliphilum, Neocosmospora petroliphilaview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium proliferatum F. fujikuroi species complexCephalosporium proliferatumview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium pseudensiformeNeocosmospora pseudensiformisview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium ramigenumview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium sacchariCephalosporium sacchari, Fusarium sacchari, Gibberella sacchariview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium solaniF. solani species complexNeocosmospora solani, Hypomyces haematococcus, Nectria haematococca var. breviconiaview in atlasAwaiting the dispute Fusarium / Neocosmospora; name may be unstable.Fusariosis
Fusarium subglutinansFusarium moniliforme, Gibberella fujikuroi var. subglutinansview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium verticillioidesF. fujikuroi species complexOospora verticillioides, Fusarium moniliforme, Gibberella moniliformisview in atlasFusariosis
Fusarium volatile view in atlasFusariosis
Fuscoporia undulataFomitiporia undulata, Poria undulata, Phellinus undulatusview in atlasFusariosis
Gambiomyces profundaview in atlasGambiomyces profunda (N)
Geomyces pannorumSporotrichum pannorum, Chrysosporium pannorum, Pseudogymnoascus pannorumview in atlasGeomyces pannorum (N)
NoneGeotrichum bostonenseDoubtful, no typeNone
Geotrichum candidumMonilia asteroides, Oidium asteroides, Mycoderma asteroides, Geotrichum asteroides, Endomyces geotrichum, Galactomyces geotrichum, Galactomyces candidus, Geotrichum silvicolaview in atlasGeotrichum candidum (N)
NoneGlenospora brevis, Aleurisma brevis, Glenosporopsis brevisDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneGeotrichum matalense var. chapmaniiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneGlenospora gammelii, Acladium gammelii, Trichosporium gammelii, Glenosporopsis gammeliiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneGlenospora gandavensis, Glenosporopsis gandavensisDoubtful, no typeNone
Gliomastix roseogriseaCephalosporium roseogriseum, Acremonium roseogriseum, Gliomastix roseogriseaview in atlasGliomastix roseogrisea (N)
Gloeostereum cimri view in atlasGloeostereum cimri (N)
Glomerella cingulataGloeosporium cingulatumNo proven case reportNone
Gloniopsis percutanea view in atlasGloniopsis percutanea (N)
Graphium basitruncatumStilbum basitruncatum view in atlasGraphium basitruncatum (N)
Graphium fructicolaNo proven case reportNone
NoneGrubyella camerounensis, Favotrichophyton camerounense, Trichophyton camerounenseDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneGrubyella castanea, Trichophyton schoenleinii var. castaneumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneGrubyella formosensis, Achorion formoseum, Trichophyton formosenseDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Guarromyces ceretanicusKeratinomyces ceretanicusview in atlasGuarromyces ceretanicus (N)
Gymnascella hyalinosporaPseudoarachniotus hyalinosporus, Narasimhella hyalinospora, Gymnoascus hyalinosporus view in atlasGymnascella hyalinospora (N)
Gymnoascus dankaliensisTrichophyton dankaliense,  Arachniotus dankaliense, Gymnascella dankaliense, Pseudoarachniotus roseus view in atlasGymnoascus dankaliensis (N)
Hanseniaspora guilliermondiiWillia guilliermondiiNo proven case reportNone
NoneHansenula amylofaciensDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneHaplographium debellae–marengoiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneHemispora coremiiformis, Geotrichum coremiiforme, Trichosporon coremiiforme, Trichosporon asahii var. coremiiformisNone
Histoplasma capsulatumHistoplasma capsulatum, Monilia capsulata, Cryptococcus farciminosus, Saccharomyces farciminosus, Leishmania farciminosa, Endomyces farciminosus, Parendomyces farciminosus, Grubyella farciminosa, Coccidioides farciminosus, Torulopsis farciminosus, Histoplasma farciminosum, Zymonema farciminosum, Histoplasma capsulatum var. farciminosum, Emmonsiella capsulata, Ajellomyces capsulatus view in atlasHistoplasmosis
Histoplasma mississippienseview in atlasHistoplasmosis
Histoplasma ohienseview in atlasHistoplasmosis
Histoplasma suramericanumview in atlasHistoplasmosis
Hongkongmyces pedisview in atlasHongkongmyces pedis (N)
Hongkongmyces snookiorumview in atlasHongkongmyces snookiorum (N)
NoneHormodendrum fontoynontiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Hormonema dematioidesDothidea polyspora, Sydowia polysporaview in atlasHormonema dematioides (N)
Hortaea werneckii Cladosporium werneckii, Dematium werneckii, Pullularia werneckii, Exophiala werneckii, Phaeoannellomyces werneckii, Cladosporium rietmanni, Pullularia fermentans view in atlasTinea nigra
NoneHyalopus anomus Doubtful hyaline fungus, no typeNone
NoneHyphomyces destruensDoubtful, no typeNone
Hyphopichia burtoniiPichia burtonii, Hyphopichia burtonii, Candida fibrae view in atlasHyphopichia burtonii (N)
Hypocrea koningiiview in atlasHypocrea koningii (N)
Hypoxylon griseobrunneumNodulisporium griseobrunneumview in atlasHypoxylon griseobrunneum (N)
NoneIndiella brumptii, Madurella brumptiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Inonotus tropicalis Poria rickii, Phellinus tropicalis, Inonotus tropicalis, Tropicoporus tropicalisview in atlasInonotus tropicalis (N)
Irpex lacteusSistotrema lacteumview in atlasIrpex lacteus (N)
Kazachstania bovina Candida bovina, Torulopsis bovinaview in atlasKazachstania bovina (N)
Kazachstania exiguaSaccharomyces exiguus, Saccharomyces exiguusNo proven case reportKazachstania exigua (N)
Kazachstania heterogenicaview in atlasKazachstania heterogenica (N)
Kazachstania pintolopesii Torulopsis pintolopesii, Candida pintolopesii, Kazachstania pintolopesiiview in atlasKazachstania pintolopesii (N)
Kazachstania tellurisSaccharomyces telluris, Arxiozyma telluris, Kazachstania tellurisview in atlasKazachstania telluris
Kluyveromyces marxianusAtelosaccharomyces pseudotropicalis, Blastodendrion procerum, Candida kefyr, Candida macedoniensis, Candida mortifera, Candida pseudotropicalis, Castellania pseudotropicalis, Endomyces pseudotropicalis, Geotrichoides kefyr, Kluyveromyces cicerisporus, Monilia macedoniensis, Monilia mortifera, Monilia pseudotropicalis, Myceloblastanon macedoniense, Myceloblastanon pseudotropicalis, Mycocandida mortifera, Mycocandida pinoysimilis var. citelliana, Mycocandida pseudotropicalis, Mycotorula pseudotropicalis, Mycotoruloides macedoniensis, Saccharomyces cavernicula, Saccharomyces chevalieri var. atypica, Saccharomyces kefyr, Saccharomyces marxianusview in atlasCandida kefyr or Kluyveromyces marxianus. Epithet marxianus (1888) is older than kefyr (1889), and Kluyveromyces is phylogenetically correct and well-accepted.Candidiasis
Knoxdaviesia dimorphosporaview in atlasKnoxdaviesia dimorphospora (N)
Knufia epidermidisConiosporium epidermidisview in atlasKnufia epidermidis (N)
Kodamaea ohmeriEndomycopsis ohmeri, Pichia ohmeri, Yamadazyma ohmeri, Kodamaea ohmeri, Endomycopsis ohmeri, Candida guilliermondiiview in atlasIncertae sedis, widely accepted as K. ohmeri. Membranifaciens is not related to C. guilliermondii.Candidiasis
Lacazia loboiMicroascus alveolarisUnculturableNone
Lagenidium ajelloi Paralagenidium karlingii view in atlasLagenidiosis
Lagenidium albertoiview in atlasLagenidiosis
Lagenidium giganteumview in atlasLagenidiosis
Lasiodiplodia lignicolaAuerswaldia lignicolaview in atlasLasiodiplodia lignicola (N)
Lasiodiplodia pseudotheobromaeview in atlasLasiodiplodia pseudotheobromae (N)
Lasiodiplodia theobromaeBotryodiplodia theobromaeview in atlasLasiodiplodia theobromae (N)
Lecythophora caninaview in atlasLecythophora canina (N)
Lecythophora hoffmannii Sphaeria ligniaria, Coniochaeta ligniaria, Margarinomyces hoffmannii, Phialophora hoffmannii, Coniochaeta hoffmanniiview in atlasLecythophora hoffmannii (N)
Lecythophora mutabilis Margarinomyces mutabilis, Phialophora mutabilis, Coniochaeta mutabilisview in atlasLecythophora mutabilis (N)
Lenzites betulinaAgaricus betulinus, Trametes betulina view in atlasLenzites betulina (N)
Lichtheimia corymbiferaMucor corymbifera, Mycocladus corymbiferaview in atlasMucormycosis
Lichtheimia ornataAbsidia ornataview in atlasMucormycosis
Lichtheimia ramosa Mucor ramosus, Absidia ramosa, Mycocladus ramosus, Absidia idahoensis, Lichtheimia hongkongensis view in atlasMucormycosis
Lodderomyces elongisporusSaccharomyces elongisporus, Lodderomyces elongisporusview in atlasLodderomyces is a member of Saccharomycetaceae remote from Candida. The name is widely accepted. Candidiasis
Lomentospora prolificansScedosporium prolificans, Scedosporium inflatumview in atlasLomentospora prolificans (N)
Lophophyton gallinaeEpidermophyton gallinae, Lophophyton gallinae, Achorion gallinae, Sabouraudites gallinae, Closteroaleuriospora gallinae, Microsporum gallinae, Trichophyton gallinae, Nannizzia grubyi, Arthroderma grubyiview in atlasLophophyton gallinae (N)
Macrophomina phaseolinaMacrophoma phaseolinaview in atlasMacrophomina phaseolina
Macrorhabdus ornithogasterview in atlasMegabacteriosis
NoneMadurella americana, Acladium americanum, Indiella americanaScedosporium species; compare S. americanumNone
NoneMadurella bovoiDoubtful, no typeNone
Madurella fahalii view in atlasMadurella fahalii (N)
Madurella mycetomatisStreptothrix mycetomatis, Madurella ikedaeview in atlasMadurella mycetomatis (N)
Madurella pseudomycetomatisview in atlasMadurella pseudomycetomatis (N)
Madurella tropicanaview in atlasMadurella tropicana (N)
Magnusiomyces capitatusTrichosporon capitatum, Geotrichum capitatum, Ascotrichosporon capitatum, Blastoschizomyces capitatus, Saprochaete capitata, Magnusiomyces capitatus, Geotrichum linkii, Blastoschizomyces pseudotrichosporon Dipodascus capitatusview in atlasThe species is remote from Geotrichum; in line with 1 F = 1 N the oldest generic name should be used.Magnusiomyces capitatus (N)
Magnusiomyces clavatusGeotrichum clavatum, Saprochaete clavataview in atlasThe species is remote from Geotrichum; in line with 1 F = 1 N the oldest generic name should be used.Magnusiomyces clavatus (N)
Magnusiomyces spiciferDipodascus spiciferview in atlasThe species is remote from Geotrichum; in line with 1 F = 1 N the oldest generic name should be used.Magnusiomyces spicifer (N)
Malassezia arunalokei view in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia capraeview in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia cuniculi view in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia dermatis view in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia equinaview in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia furfurMicrosporum furfur, Sporotrichum furfur, Oidium furfur, Monilia furfur, Pityrosporum furfur, Saccharomyces ovalis, Pitryosporum ovale, Malassezia ovalis, Torulopsis ovalisview in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia globosa view in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia japonica view in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia nana view in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia obtusaview in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia pachydermatisPityrosporum pachydermatis, Cryptococcus pachydermatisview in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia restrictaview in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia slooffiaeview in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia sympodialisview in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia vespertilionisview in atlasPityriasis versicolor
Malassezia yamatoensis view in atlasPityriasis versicolor
NoneMalbranchea bolognesii-chiurcoi, Actinomyces bolognesii-chiurcoiDoubtful, no typeNone
Malbranchea gymnoascoidesNo proven case reportNone
Malbranchea pulchellaview in atlasMalbranchea pulchella (N)
NoneMasonia grisea, Masoniella griseaDoubtful, no typeNone
Meanderella rijsiiview in atlasMeanderella rijsii (N)
Medicopsis romeroi Pyrenochaeta romeroiview in atlasMedicopsis romeroi (N)
Megasporoporia setulosaview in atlasMegasporoporia setulosa (N)
Metarhizium anisopliaeEntomophthora anisopliaeview in atlasMetarhizium anisopliae (N)
Metschnikowia bicuspidataMonospora bicuspidataview in atlasCandidiasis
Metschnikowia pulcherrimaTorula pulcherrima, Candida pulcherrimaview in atlasCandidiasis
Meyerozyma caribbicaview in atlasCandidiasis
Meyerozyma guilliermondiiEndomyces guilliermondii, Monilia guilliermondii, Myceloblastanon guilliermondii, Blastodendrion guilliermondii, Mycotorula guilliermondii, Castellania guilliermondii, Candida guilliermondii, Cryptococcus krausi Blastodendrion krausi, Monilia krausi, Parendomyces krausi, Mycotorula krausi , Blastodendrion arzti, Monilia arzti, Myceloblastanon arzti, Meyerozyma guilliermondiiview in atlasCandida guilliermondii or Meyerozyma guilliermondii. Member of Wickerhamomycetaceae thus really remote from Candida. M. guilliermondii is reasonably well established and used in Atlas, no need to go back to Candida. Alternative suggestion: C. guilliermondii is one of common ‘Candida’ species seen clinically. Most clinical labs and clinicians are familiar with C. guilliermondii rather than M. guilliermondii. Since Candida is still highly polyphyletic and unstable plus some members of Wickerhamomycetaceae (e.g. C. fermentati) still remain under Candida, should we keep it as C. guilliermondii?Candidiasis
NoneMicroascus brunneosporusDoubtful, no typeNone
Microascus campaniformisNo proven case reportNone
Microascus chartarumMasonia chartarum, Scopulariopsis chartarumNo proven case reportNone
Microascus chinensisNo proven case reportNone
Microascus cinereusScopulariopsis cinereus, Microascus griseus, Microascus reniformisview in atlasMicroascus cinereus (N)
Microascus cirrosus view in atlasMicroascus cirrosus (N)
Microascus ennothomasiorumview in atlasMicroascus ennothomasiorum (N)
Microascus expansusNo proven case reportNone
Microascus gracilisPaecilomyces fuscatus, Scopulariopsis gracilis, Microascus gracilisview in atlasMicroascus gracilis (N)
Microascus paisiiTorula paisii, Phaeoscopulariopsis paisii, Scopulariopsis brumptii, Scopulariopsis paisii, Scopulariopsis sphaerosporaview in atlasConcepts of Scopulariopsis and Microascus in the new sense are not well-received, as the genera could be combined. There is no type for the younger synonym S. brumptii. The name is unstable, thus better stay with the most well-known one for the time being.Microascus paisii (N)
Microascus trigonosporusScopulariopsis trigonosporusview in atlasMicroascus trigonosporus (N)
Microsphaeropsis arundinisAlveophoma arundinisview in atlasMicrosphaeropsis arundinis (N)
Microsphaeropsis olivaceaConiothyrium olivaceumview in atlasMicrosphaeropsis olivacea (N)
NoneMicrosporum anomaeon Doubtful bacteriumNone
Microsporum audouinii Sporotrichum audouinii, Oidium microsporium, Sabouraudites audouinii, Closteroaleurosporia audouinii, Veronaia audouinii, Sabouraudites langeronii, Microsporum langeroniiview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneMicrosporum aurantiacumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneMicrosporum aureumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneMicrosporum brachytomum Doubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneMicrosporum caninumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Microsporum canisMicrosporum audouinii var. canis, Sabouraudites canis, Microsporum distortum, Microsporum canis var. distortum, Nannizzia otae, Arthroderma otaeview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneMicrosporum audouinii var. equinum, Microsporum equinum, Sabouraudites equinusDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneMicrosporum cornua-bovisDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneMicrosporum depauperatum, Sabouraudites depauperatus, Microsporum audouinii var. depauperatumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Microsporum ferrugineumGrubyella ferruginea, Arthrosporia ferruginea, Achorion ferrugineum, Trichophyton ferrugineumview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneMicrosporum felineum, Sabouraudites felineus, Closterosporia felineaNone
NoneMicrosporum flavescens, Sabouraudites flavescensDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Millerozyma farinosaSaccharomyces farinosus, Pichia farinosa, Yamadazyma farinosa, Millerozyma farinosaview in atlasCandidiasis
Moesziomyces antarcticusview in atlasMoesziomyces antarcticus (N)
Moesziomyces aphidisSterigmatomyces aphidis, Pseudozyma aphidisview in atlasMoesziomyces is older, thus Pseudozyma is unstable. Both genera are cultural states of Ustilago species, likely to change in the future. Better keep in line with current Atlas.Moesziomyces aphidis (N)
Moesziomyces bullatusSorosporium bullatumview in atlasMoesziomyces bullatus (N)
Monascus ruberBasipetospora rubra, Coccidioides roseaview in atlasMonascus ruber (N)
NoneMonilia argentina, Mycotoruloides argentinaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia arnoldii, Scopulariopsis arnoldiiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneMonilia balcanica, Myceloblastanon balcanicum, Castellania balcanicaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia batracheaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia bethaliensis, Myceloblastanon bethaliense, Candida bethaliensisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia botrytisDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneMonilia bucalis, Zymonema bucaleDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia butantanensis, Candida butantanensis, Parendomyces butantanensisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia candida, Monilia bonordenii, Endomyces candidus, Myceloblastanon candidus, Candida bonordeniiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia caoi, Mycoderma caoiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneMonilia castellanii, Cryptococcus castellanii, Torulopsis castellanii, Castellania castellaniiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia communis, Parendomyces communisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia decolorans, Myceloblastanon decolorans, Castellania decoloransDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia dissocians, Castellania dissociansDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia enterocola, Myceloblastanon enterocola, Parendomyces enterocolaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMonilia fioccoiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Moniliella suaveolensview in atlasNone
Montagnula cylindrosporaNo proven case reportNone
NoneMontoyella bodiniiDoubtful, no typeNone
Mortierella polycephala view in atlasMucormycosis
Mortierella wolfiiActinomortierella wolfii view in atlasAwaiting further confirmation whether all groups need to be separated at generic level. Mucormycosis
Mucor amphibiorum Mucor amphibiorumview in atlasMucormycosis
Mucor circinelloidesCalyptromyces circinelloides, Mucor janssenii, Mucor circinelloides f. janssenii, Rhizomucor variabilis, Rhizomucor regulariorview in atlasMucormycosis
NoneMucor cornealis, Absidia cornealis, Lichtheimia cornealisDoubtful Mucorales, no typeNone
Mucor ellipsoideusNo proven case reportMucormycosis
Mucor hiemalis view in atlasMucormycosis
Mucor indicus view in atlasMucormycosis
Mucor irregularisRhizomucor variabilisview in atlasMucormycosis
Mucor lusitanicusMucor racemosus var. lusitanicus, Mucor circinelloides  f. lusitanicus view in atlasMucormycosis
Mucor luteusview in atlasMucormycosis
Mucor racemosus view in atlasMucormycosis
Mucor ramosissimusM. circinelloides species complexview in atlasMucormycosis
Mucor velutinosus M. circinelloides species complexview in atlasMucormycosis
Muocopron lateraleMycoleptodiscus lateralisview in atlasMucormycosis
Myceliophthora thermophilaSporotrichum thermophilum, Chrysosporium thermophilum, Thermothelomyces thermophilus, Thielavia heterothallica, Corynascus heterothallicusview in atlasMyceliophthora thermophila (N)
NoneMyceloblastanon cutaneum, Monilia cutanea, Blastodendrion cutaneumDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMyceloblastanon gifuense, Monilia gifuense, Blastodendrion gifuenseDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Mycocentrospora acerinaCercospora acerinaview in atlasMycocentrospora acerina (N)
NoneMycoderma bordetiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMycoderma dombrayi, Geotrichum dombrayiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMycotorula azymaticaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneMycoderma brocianum, Proteomyces brocianus, Geotrichum brocianumDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneMycoderma griewankii, Proteomyces griewankiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Mycotypha microspora view in atlasMucormycosis
Myriodontium keratinophilumNeoarachnotheca keratinophilaview in atlasMyriodontium keratinophilum (N)
Myrmecridium schulzeriPsilobotrys schulzeri, Ramichloridium schulzeriview in atlasMyrmecridium schulzeri (N)
Myrothecium gramineumXepiculopsis gramineaTaxonomy of this species unestablishedNone
Myxotrichum deflexumview in atlasMyxotrichum deflexum (N)
Naganishia adeliensisCryptococcus adeliensisview in atlasIt is recommended to maintain the name Cryptococcus for the pathogenic species around C. neoformans.Naganishia adeliensis (N)
Naganishia albidaTorula albida, Torulopsis albida, Torulopsis neoformans, Cryptococcus albidus, Torulopsis diffluens, Cryptococcus diffluens, Cryptococcus albidus, Cryptococcus genitalisview in atlasIt is recommended to maintain the name Cryptococcus for the pathogenic species around C. neoformans.Naganishia albida (N)
Naganishia friedmannii Cryptococcus friedmanniiview in atlasIt is recommended to maintain the name Cryptococcus for the pathogenic species around C. neoformans.Naganishia friedmannii (N)
Naganishia liquefaciensTorulopsis liquefaciens, Cryptococcus liquefaciensview in atlasIt is recommended to maintain the name Cryptococcus for the pathogenic species around C. neoformans.Naganishia liquefaciens (N)
Naganishia uzbekistanensisCryptococcus uzbekistanenisview in atlasIt is recommended to maintain the name Cryptococcus for the pathogenic species around C. neoformans.Naganishia uzbekistanensis (N)
Nannizzia aenigmaticaMicrosporum aenigmaticumview in atlasNannizzia aenigmatica (N)
Nannizzia duboisiiSabouraudites duboisii, Microsporum duboisiiview in atlasNannizzia duboisii (N)
Nannizzia fulvaMicrosporum fulvum, Sabouraudites fulvus, Closterosporia fulva, Nannizzia fulva, Nannizzia gypsea var. fulva,  Arthroderma fulvum, Keratinomyces longifusus, Trichophyton longifusum, Microsporum boullardii, Favomicrosporon pinettii, Microsporum ripariae view in atlasNannizzia fulva (N)
Nannizzia gypseaGymnoascus gypseus, Nannizzia gypsea, Arthroderma gypseum, Microsporum gypseum var. vinosum, Microsporum appendiculatumview in atlasNannizzia gypsea (N)
Nannizzia incurvataNannizzia gypsea var. incurvata, Arthroderma incurvatum, Microsporum incurvatum, view in atlasNannizzia incurvata (N)
Nannizzia nanaMicrosporum gypseum, Microsporum nanum, Nannizzia obtusa, Arthroderma obtusumview in atlasNannizzia nana (N)
Nannizzia perplicataview in atlasNannizzia perplicata (N)
Nannizzia persicolorTrichophyton persicolor, Ectotrichophyton persicolor, Sabouraudites persicolor, Closteroaleuriosporia persicolor, Microsporum persicolor, Ctenomyces persicolor, Epidermophyton persicolor, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Nannizzia persicolor, Arthroderma persicolor, Nannizzia quinckeani  view in atlasNannizzia persicolor (N)
Nannizzia praecox Sabouraudites praecox, Microsporum praecox, Nannizzia praecoxview in atlasNannizzia praecox (N)
Nannizziopsis arthrosporioidesview in atlasNannizziopsis arthrosporioides (N)
Nannizziopsis barbataeview in atlasNannizziopsis barbatae (N)
Nannizziopsis chlamydosporaview in atlasNannizziopsis chlamydospora (N)
Nannizziopsis crocodiliview in atlasNannizziopsis crocodili (N)
Nannizziopsis dermatitidisview in atlasNannizziopsis dermatitidis (N)
Nannizziopsis guarroi Chrysosporium guarroiview in atlasNannizziopsis guarroi (N)
Nannizziopsis hominisview in atlasNannizziopsis hominis (N)
Nannizziopsis obscuraview in atlasNannizziopsis obscura (N)
Nannizziopsis vriesiiRollandina vriesii, Arachnotheca vriesiiview in atlasNannizziopsis vriesii (N)
Nectria cinnabarinaSphaeria cinnabarinaNo proven case reportNone
Neoconidiobolus pachyzygosporusConidiobolus pachyzygosporusview in atlasConidiobolomycosis
Neocosmospora vasinfectaview in atlasFusariosis
Neocucurbitaria cavaPhoma cava, Pleurophoma cava, Pyrenochaeta cavaview in atlasNeocucurbitaria cava (N)
Neocucurbitaria keratinophilaPyrenochaeta keratinophilaview in atlasNeocucurbitaria keratinophila (N)
Neocucurbitaria unguis-hominisPyrenochaeta unguis-hominisview in atlasNeocucurbitaria unguis-hominis (N)
Neodeightonia subglobosaSphaeropsis subglobosa, Botryosphaeria subglobosaview in atlasNeodeightonia subglobosa (N)
Neodevriesia cladophoraeview in atlasNeodevriesia cladophorae (N)
Neogymnomyces demonbreuniiGymnoascus demonbreuniiNo proven case reportNone
Neopyrenochaeta submersaview in atlasNeopyrenochaeta submersa (N)
Neoscytalidium dimidiatumTorula dimidiata, Scytalidium dimidiatum, Fusicoccum dimidiatum, Hendersonula toruloidea, Scytalidium hyalinum, Neoscytalidium hyalinum, Neoscytalidium hyalinumview in atlasNeoscytalidium dimidiatum (N)
Neoscytalidium novaehollandiaeview in atlasNeoscytalidium novaehollandiae (N)
Neotestudina rosatiiZopfia rosatii, Pseudophaeotrichum sudanenseview in atlasNeotestudina rosatii (N)
Neurospora sitophila Penicillium sitophilum, Monilia sitophila, Chrysonilia sitophila, Neurospora sitophilaview in atlasNeurospora sitophila (N)
Nigrograna mackinnonii Pyrenochaeta mackinnonii, Biatriospora mackinnoniiview in atlasNigrograna mackinnonii (N)
Nigrospora sphaericaTrichosporium sphaericumview in atlasNigrospora sphaerica (N)
Ochrocladosporium elatumHormodendrum elatum, Cladosporium elatumview in atlasOchrocladosporium elatum (N)
Octomyces bettencourti Doubtful yeast, no typeNone
Ogataea polymorphaHansenula polymorpha, Ogataea polymorphaview in atlasOgataea polymorpha (N)
Oidiodendron cerealisSporotrichum cerealis, Stephanosporium cerealeview in atlasOidiodendron cerealis (N)
NoneOidium aceticumDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneOidium brasiliense, Mycoderma brasiliense, Monilia brasiliensis, Myceloblastanon brasiliense, Candida brasiliensis, Trichosporon brasiliense, Geotrichum brasiliense Doubtful, no typeNone
NoneOospora canina, Achorion caninum, Bodinia canina, Trichophyton caninumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneOospora catarrhalis, Actinomyces catarrhalisDoubtful actinomyceteNone
NoneOospora catenataDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneOospora cerebriformis, Trichosporon cerebriformeDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneOospora d’agatae, Scopulariopsis d’agataeDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneOospora granulosaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Ophidiomyces ophiodiicolaChrysosporium ophiodiicolaview in atlasOphidiomyces ophiodiicola (N)
Ophiostoma piceaeCeratostomella piceaeview in atlasOphiostoma piceae (N)
Ovadendron sulphureo-ochraceumOospora sulphureo-ochraceaview in atlasOvadendron sulphureo-ochraceum (N)
Oxyporus corticolaPolyporus corticola, Coriolus corticola, Rigidoporus corticolaview in atlasOxyporus corticola (N)
Paecilomyces fumosoroseusIsaria fumosorosea, Paecilomyces fumosoroseus, Cordyceps fumosoroseaview in atlasPaecilomyces fumosoroseus (N)
Paecilomyces javanicus Spicaria javanica, Paecilomyces javanicus, Cordyceps javanicaview in atlasPaecilomyces javanicus (N)
Paecilomyces marquandiiVerticillium marquandii, Metarhizium marquandii, Marquandomyces marquandiiview in atlasPaecilomyces marquandii (N)
Paecilomyces variotiiPaecilomyces spectabilis, Talaromyces spectabilis, Byssochlamys spectabilisview in atlasPaecilomyces variotii (N)
Pallidocercospora crystallinaPseudocercospora crystallina, Mycosphaerella crystallinaview in atlasPallidocercospora crystallina (N)
Papiliotrema flavescens Torula flavescens, Torulopsis flavescens, Cryptococcus flavescens, Cryptococcus laurentii, Cryptococcus nodaensisview in atlasPapiliotrema flavescens (N)
Papiliotrema laurentii Torula laurentii, Cryptococcus laurentiiview in atlasPapiliotrema laurentii (N)
Pappia fissilisPolyporus fissilis, Tyromyces fissilis, Aurantiporus fissilisNo proven case reportNone
Papulaspora equi view in atlasPapulaspora equi 
Paracoccidioides americanaP. brasiliensis species complexview in atlasParacoccidioidomycosis
NoneParacoccidioides antarcticusDoubtful, no typeNone
Paracoccidioides brasiliensisP. brasiliensis species complexZymonema brasiliense, Mycoderma brasiliense, Coccidioides brasiliensis, Monilia brasiliensis , Blastomyces brasiliensis, Aleurisma brasiliensisview in atlasParacoccidioidomycosis
NoneParacoccidioides cerebriformisDoubtful, no typeNone
Paracoccidioides cetiParacoccidioides brasiliensis var. cetiview in atlasUnculturableParacoccidioidomycosis ceti
Paracoccidioides lutziiP. brasiliensis species complexview in atlasParacoccidioidomycosis
Paracoccidioides restrepoanaP. brasiliensis species complexview in atlasParacoccidioidomycosis
Paracoccidioides venezuelensisP. brasiliensis species complexview in atlasParacoccidioidomycosis
Paraconiothyrium cyclothyrioidesview in atlasParaconiothyrium cyclothyrioides (N)
Paraconiothyrium fuckeliiSphaeria coniothyrium, Leptosphaeria coniothyrium, Coniothyrium fuckeliiview in atlasParaconiothyrium fuckelii (N)
Paraconiothyrium maculicutisview in atlasParaconiothyrium maculicutis (N)
Paranannizziopsis australasiensisview in atlasParanannizziopsis australasiensis (N)
Paranannizziopsis californiensisview in atlasParanannizziopsis californiensis (N)
Paranannizziopsis crustaceaview in atlasParanannizziopsis crustacea (N)
Paranannizziopsis tardicrescensview in atlasParanannizziopsis tardicrescens (N)
Paraphyton cookeiMicrosporum cookei, Nannizzia cajetani, Arthroderma cajetani, Microsporum racemosum, Nannizzia racemosa, Arthroderma racemosaview in atlasParaphyton cookei (N)
Paraphyton cutaneumNo proven case reportNone
Paraphyton mirabileArthroderma mirabile, Microsporum mirabileview in atlasParaphyton mirabile (N)
NoneParasaccharomyces ashfordii, Myceloblastanon ashfordiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneParasaccharomyces oosporoides var. guggenheimiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneParendomyces balzeri, Saccharomyces balzeri, Monilia balzeri, Trichosporon balzeri, Trichosporium balzeri, Geotrichoides balzeri, Candida balzeri, Proteomyces balzeriDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneParendomyces brocquii, Geotrichum brocquii, Trichosporon brocquii, Proteomyces brocquiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Parengyodontium albumTritirachium album, Beauveria alba, Engyodontium albumview in atlasParengyodontium album (N)
NonePeristomium desmosporum, Microascus desmosporusDoubtful, no typeNone
Penicillium aurantiogriseumPenicillium cyclopiumview in atlasPenicillium aurantiogriseum (N)
NonePenicillium bertaiDoubtful, no typeNone
NonePenicillium bicolorDoubtful, no typeNone
Penicillium brevicompactumview in atlasPenicillium brevicompactum (N)
Penicillium canisview in atlasPenicillium canis (N)
Penicillium capsulatumview in atlasPenicillium capsulatum (N)
Penicillium chrysogenumview in atlasPenicillium chrysogenum (N)
Penicillium citrinumview in atlasPenicillium citrinum (N)
Penicillium communeview in atlasPenicillium commune (N)
Penicillium decumbensview in atlasPenicillium decumbens (N)
Penicillium digitatumMonilia digitataview in atlasPenicillium digitatum (N)
NonePenicillium epigaeum, Scopulariopsis mottai, Scopulariopsis epigaeusDoubtful, no typeNone
Penicillium expansumview in atlasPenicillium expansum (N)
Penicillium funiculosumNo proven case reportPenicillium funiculosum (N)
NonePenicillium giordanoiDoubtful, no typeNone
NonePenicillium glaucumDoubtful, no typeNone
Penicillium griseofulvumview in atlasPenicillium griseofulvum (N)
Penicillium labradorumview in atlasPenicillium labradorum (N)
Penicillium oxalicumview in atlasPenicillium oxalicum (N)
Penicillium roquefortiview in atlasPenicillium roqueforti (N)
Penicillium spinulosumview in atlasPenicillium spinulosum (N)
Petriella setifera Microascus setiferview in atlasPetriella setifera (N)
Peziza ostracodermaDematium ollare, Chromelosporium ollare, Sporotrichum fulvum, Chromelosporium fulvum, Plicaria fulvaview in atlasPeziza ostracoderma (N)
Phaeoacremonium alvesiiview in atlasPhaeoacremonium alvesii (N)
Phaeoacremonium amstelodamenseview in atlasPhaeoacremonium amstelodamense (N)
Penicillium crustaceumNo proven case reportNone
Phaeoacremonium griseorubrumview in atlasPhaeoacremonium griseorubrum (N)
Phaeoacremonium inflatipesview in atlasPhaeoacremonium inflatipes (N)
Phaeoacremonium krajdenii Togninia krajdeniiview in atlasPhaeoacremonium krajdenii (N)
Phaeoacremonium parasiticumPhialophora parasitica, Phaeoacremonium parasiticum, Togninia parasiticaview in atlasPhaeoacremonium parasiticum (N)
Phaeoacremonium rubrigenumTogninia rubrigenaview in atlasPhaeoacremonium rubrigenum (N)
Phaeoacremonium sphinctrophorumview in atlasPhaeoacremonium sphinctrophorum (N)
Phaeoacremonium tardicrescensview in atlasPhaeoacremonium tardicrescens (N)
Phaeoacremonium venezuelenseview in atlasPhaeoacremonium venezuelense (N)
Phaeoisaria clematidisStysanus clematidisview in atlasPhaeoisaria clematidis (N)
Phaeosclera dematioidesview in atlasPhaeosclera dematioides (N)
Phaeotrichoconis crotalariaeTrichoconis crotalariaeview in atlasPhaeotrichoconis crotalariae (N)
Phanerochaete chrysosporiumSporotrichum pruinosum. Chrysosporium pruinosum, Emmonsia brasiliensis, Emmonsia ciferrinaview in atlasPhanerochaete chrysosporium (N)
Phanerochaete sordidaCorticium sordidumview in atlasPhanerochaete sordida (N)
Phellinus mori view in atlasPhellinus mori (N)
Phialemoniopsis curvataPhialemonium curvatum, Thyridium curvatum, Phialemonium dimorphosporumview in atlasThe connection with the sexual state has just been proven; the name Thyridium is much older.Phialemoniopsis curvata (N)
Phialemoniopsis endophyticaThyridium endophyticumview in atlasThe name Thyridium is much older, but not available for all species.Phialemoniopsis endophytica (N)
Phialemoniopsis hongkongensis view in atlasPhialemoniopsis hongkongensis (N)
Phialemoniopsis limonesiaeThyridium limonesiaeview in atlasThe name Thyridium is much older, but not available for all species.Phialemoniopsis limonesiae (N)
Phialemoniopsis ocularisSarcopodium oculorumview in atlasPhialemoniopsis ocularis (N)
Phialemoniopsis pluriloculosaview in atlasPhialemoniopsis pluriloculosa (N)
Phialemonium atrogriseumPhaeoscopulariopsis atrogisea, Acremonium atrogriseumview in atlasPhialemonium atrogriseum (N)
Phialemonium obovatumview in atlasPhialemonium obovatum (N)
Phialophora ambiguaNo proven case reportNone
Phialophora americanaCadophora americana, Dictyotrichiella semiimmersa, Capronia semiimmersaview in atlasPhialophora americana (N)
Phialophora chinensisview in atlasPhialophora chinensis (N)
Phialophora expandaview in atlasPhialophora expanda (N)
Phialophora macrosporaFonsecaea pedrosoiview in atlasPhialophora macrospora (N)
Phialophora oxyspora view in atlasPhialophora oxyspora (N)
Phialophora reptansview in atlasPhialophora reptans (N)
Phialophora tardaview in atlasPhialophora tarda (N)
Phialophora verrucosaview in atlasPhialophora verrucosa (N)
Phlebia tremellosaMerulius tremellosusview in atlasPhlebia tremellosa (N)
Phoma cruris-hominisview in atlasPhoma cruris-hominis (N)
Phoma eupyrenaJuxtiphoma eupyrenaview in atlasPhoma eupyrena (N)
Phoma herbarumAtradidymella muscivora, Phoma muscivoraview in atlasPhoma herbarum (N)
Phoma insulanaPhyllosticta insulana,  Ectophoma insulanaview in atlasPhoma insulana (N)
Pichia cactophilaTorulopsis inconspicua, Candida inconspicuaview in atlasEpithet inconspicua (1952) is older than cactophila (1978), which was introduced for the sexual state and has now become superfluous. Its transfer to a phylogenetically correct genus is pending, thus for now better maintain the older name. Requires name change in Atlas, and the name is unstable.Candidiasis
Pichia eremophilaCandida eremophila, Pichia kluyveri var. eremophilaNo proven case reportCandidiasis
Pichia fermentansMycoderma lambica, Candida lambicaview in atlasCandida lambica or Pichia fermentans. Lambica (1913) is older than fermentans (1932); Pichia may be the correct genus but the epithet is unstable because the name has to be changed (Pichia lambica does not exist yet). However, Pichia fermentans is widely used, as yet preferably stay with that name in Atlas, otherwise we have to change twice. Alternative suggestion: Since Lambica is older than fermentans, can we keep it as C. lambica, which is close to its relative of C. inconspicua and C. krusei?Candidiasis
Pichia kudriavzeviiSaccharomyces krusei, Endomyces krusei, Monilia krusei, Candida krusei, Myceloblastanon krusei, Geotrichoides krusei, Trichosporon krusei, Mycotoruloides krusei, Monilia inexpectata, Mycocandida inexpectata, Pseudomonilia inexpectata, Trichosporon dendriticum, Candida dendritica, Issatchenkia orientalis, Pichia orientalisview in atlasCandida krusei or Pichia kudriavzevii. The oldest epithet is krusei (1910), but Pichia krusei existed already for another fungus. Pichia orientalis also existed already. kudriavzevii is a name change for orientalis (1963). Requires change in Atlas.Candidiasis
Pichia norvegensisCandida zeylanoides, Candida norvegensis, Candida mycodermaview in atlasCandida norvegensis or Pichia norvegensis. Pichia is phylogenetically appropriate and rather well-accepted.Candidiasis
Piedraia hortaeTrichosporon hortae, Trichosporon guayo, Piedraia sarmentoi, Trichosporon sarmentoi, Piedraia venezuelensis, Piedraia javanica, Piedraia surinamensis, Piedraia malayi view in atlasBlack piedra
NonePityrosporum canisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NonePityrosporum cantlieiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Plectosphaerella cucumerinaVenturia cucumerina, Plectosphaerella cucumerina, Cephalosporium tabacinum, Fusarium tabacinum, Plectosporium tabacinum, Plectosphaerella cucumerisview in atlasPlectosphaerella cucumerina (N)
NonePlenedomus avramiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Pleurophomopsis lignicolaview in atlasPleurophomopsis lignicola (N)
Pleurostoma hongkongenseview in atlasPleurostoma hongkongense (N)
Pleurostoma ochraceumview in atlasPleurostoma ochraceum (N)
Pleurostoma oothecaSphaeria ootheca, Pleurostoma ootheca, Pleurostomophora oothecaview in atlasPleurostoma ootheca (N)
Pleurostoma repensCadophora repens, Phialophora repens, Pleurostomophora repens, Pleurostoma repensview in atlasPleurostoma repens (N)
Pleurostoma richardsiaeCadophora richardsiae, Phialophora richardsiae, Pleurostomophora richardsiae, Pleurostoma richardsiae, Cadophora brunnescens, Phialophora brunnescens, Phialophora calyciformisview in atlasPleurostoma richardsiae (N)
Pneumocystis cariniiview in atlasPneumocystis carinii (N)
Pneumocystis jiroveciiview in atlasPneumocystis jirovecii (N)
Podospora austroamericana Hypocopra austroamericanaview in atlasPodospora austroamericana (N)
NoneProteomyces faveraeDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneProteomyces goënsisDoubtful, no typeNone
Prototheca blaschkeaePrototheca blaschkeae var. brasiliensisview in atlasProtothecosis
Prototheca bovis Prototheca bovisview in atlasProtothecosis
Prototheca ciferrii Prototheca portoricensis var . ciferriiview in atlasProtothecosis
Prototheca cutis view in atlasProtothecosis
Prototheca miyajii view in atlasProtothecosis
Prototheca wickerhamii view in atlasProtothecosis
Pseudeurotium ovaleview in atlasPseudeurotium ovale (N)
Pseudoarthropsis crassisporaNo proven case reportNone
Pseudocanariomyces americanusview in atlasPseudocanariomyces americanus (N)
Pseudochaetosphaeronema larenseChaetosphaeronema larenseview in atlasPseudochaetosphaeronema larense (N)
Pseudochaetosphaeronema martinelliview in atlasPseudochaetosphaeronema martinelli (N)
Pseudogymnoascus destructansGeomyces destructansview in atlasWhite nose disease
Pseudomalbranchea gemmataNo proven case reportPseudomalbranchea gemmata (N)
Pseudopithomyces chartarumSporidesmium chartarum, Pithomyces chartarumNo proven case reportPseudopithomyces chartarum (N)
Pseudotaeniolina globosaNo proven case reportPseudotaeniolina globosa (N)
Purpureocillium lilacinumPenicillium lilacinus, Paecilomyces lilacinusview in atlasPurpureocillium lilacinum (N)
Purpureocillium roseumview in atlasPurpureocillium roseum (N)
Pythium aphanidermatumRheosporangium aphanidermatum view in atlasPythium aphanidermatum (N)
NonePythium gracileDoubtful Oomycete, no typeNone
Pythium insidiosumPythium destruens view in atlasPythiosis
Pythium periculosumview in atlasPythiosis
Quambalaria cyanescensSporothrix cyanescens, Cerinosterus cyanescens, Fugomyces cyanescens view in atlasQuambalaria cyanescens (N)
Rasamsonia aegroticolaview in atlasRasamsonia aegroticola (N)
Rasamsonia argillaceaR. argillacea species complexPenicillium argillaceum, Geosmithia argillaceaview in atlasRasamsonia argillacea (N)
Rasamsonia eburnea Talaromyces eburneus, Rasamsonia eburneaview in atlasRasamsonia eburnea (N)
Rasamsonia piperinaview in atlasRasamsonia piperina (N)
Rhinocladiella aquaspersaAcrotheca aquaspersaview in atlasChromoblastomycosis
Rhinocladiella atrovirensview in atlasRhinocladiella atrovirens (N)
Rhinocladiella basitonaRamichloridium basitonum, Rhinocladiella basitonaview in atlasRhinocladiella basitona (N)
Rhinocladiella mackenziei Ramichloridium mackenzieiview in atlasRhinocladiella mackenziei (N)
Rhinocladiella phaeophora view in atlasRhinocladiella phaeophora (N)
Rhinocladiella similisview in atlasRhinocladiella similis (N)
Rhinocladiella tropicalisview in atlasRhinocladiella tropicalis (N)
Rhinosporidium seeberi Coccidium seeberi, Rhinosporidium kinealyi view in atlasRhinosporidiosis
Rhizomucor miehei Mucor miehei view in atlasMucormycosis
Rhizomucor pusillus Mucor pusillusview in atlasMucormycosis
Rhizopus arrhizus Rhizopus oryzae, Mucor delemar, Rhizopus tonkinensis, Rhizopus suinusview in atlasMucormycosis
NoneRhizopus artocarpiDoubtful mucoralean, no typeNone
Rhizopus azygosporus view in atlasMucormycosis
NoneRhizopus equinusDoubtful mucoralean, no typeNone
NoneRhizopus equinus var. annamensisDoubtful mucoralean, no typeNone
Rhizopus homothallicus view in atlasMucormycosis
Rhizopus microsporusMucor rhizopodiformis, Rhizopus cohnii, Rhizopus rhizopodiformis, Rhizopus microsporus  var. rhizopodiformis,  Rhizopus chinensis, Rhizopus microsporus  var. chinensis, Rhizopus oligosporus, Rhizopus microsporus var. oligosporus, Rhizopus bovinus, Rhizopus pusillusview in atlasMucormycosis
Rhizopus schipperae view in atlasMucormycosis
Rhizopus stolonifer Mucor stolonifer, Rhizopus nigricansview in atlasMucormycosis
Rhodotorula dairenensis Rhodotorula glutinisview in atlasRhodotorula dairenensis (N)
Rhodotorula glutinisCryptococcus glutinis, Torulopsis glutinisview in atlasRhodotorula glutinis (N)
Rhodotorula minutaTorula minuta, Torulopsis minuta, Cystobasidium minutumview in atlasRhodotorula minuta (N)
NoneRhodotorula minuta var. coralloidesDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Rhodotorula mucilaginosaSaccharomyces ruber, Torulopsis rubra, Rhodotorula rubra, Torula mucilaginosa, Torula corallina, Torulopsis corallina, Rhodotorula corallina, Blastodendron carbonei, Torulopsis mucilaginosa var. carbonei, Mycotorula pulmonalis, Geotrichum pulmonale, Torulopsis sanniei, Cryptococcus pararoseus, Rhodotorula mucilaginosa var. pararosea, Torulopsis macilaginosa var. pararosea, Cryptococcus rubrorugosus, Rhodotorula mucilaginosa var. rubrorugosa, Rhodotorula rubrorugosa, Cryptococcus corallinus, Cryptococcus radiatus, Rhodotorula mucilaginosa var. plicata, Torulopsis aurantia, Rhodotorula pilimanaeview in atlasRhodotorula mucilaginosa (N)
Roussoella neopustulansview in atlasRoussoella neopustulans (N)
Roussoella percutaneaParathyridaria percutaneaview in atlasRoussoella percutanea (N)
Roussoella solaniNeoroussoella solaniview in atlasRoussoella solani (N)
NoneSabouraudites ruber var. blanche, Sabouraudites ruber var. albus, Ectotrichophyton otae Doubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneSabouraudites asteroides var. chibaensis, Ectotrichophyton mentagrophytes var. chibaenseDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneSaccharomyces annulatusDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneSaccharomyces beauverieiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneSacchromyces bisporus, Hansenula bisporaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeview in atlasSaccharomyces cerevisiae (N)
NoneSaccharomyces capillitiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Saccharomyces carlsbergensisNo proven case reportSaccharomyces carlsbergensis (N)
NoneSaccharomyces ciferriiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneSaccharomyces equi, Lymphosporidium equiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneSaccharomyces fragilis, Kluyveromyces fragilisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneSaccharomyces granulatusDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneSaccharomyces granulomatogenes, Cryptococcus granulomatogenes, Torulopsis granulomatogenesDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Saksenaea erythrosporaview in atlasMucormycosis
NoneSaccharomyces etiennei, Octomyces etienneiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Saksenaea oblongisporaview in atlasMucormycosis
Saksenaea vasiformisview in atlasMucormycosis
Sarocladium kilienseAcremonium kiliense, Cephalosporium kiliense, Cephalosporium asteroides, Cephalosporium niveolanosum, Hyalopus niveolanosus, Cephalosporium pseudofermentum, Hyalopus pseudofermentum, Cephalosporium stuehmeri, Hyalopus stuehmeri, Cryptomyces pleomorpha, Cephalosporium madurae, Cephalosporium infestansview in atlasSarocladium kiliense (N)
Sarocladium strictumCephalosporium acremonium, Acremonium strictum, Sarocladium strictumview in atlasSarocladium strictum (N)
Scedosporium americanumview in atlasScedosporium americanum (N)
Scedosporium apiospermumMonosporium apiospermum, Aleurisma apiospermum, Sporocybe borzinii, Acremonium suis, Polycytella hominis, Pseudallescheria apiospermaview in atlasScedosporium apiospermum (N)
Scedosporium aurantiacum S. apiospermum species complexview in atlasScedosporium aurantiacum (N)
Scedosporium boydiiS. apiospermum species complexAcladium castellanii, Pseudomicrosporon castellanii, Aleurisma castellanii, Sporotrichum schenckii, Sporotrichum beurmannii, Raffaelea castellanii, Cephalosporium boydii, Glenospora boydii, Dendrostilbella boydii,  Allescheria boydii, Petriellidium boydii, Pseudallescheria boydii, Acremoniella lutzi, Pseudallescheria sheari, Petriellidium angustum, Pseudallescheria angusta, Petriellidium fusoideum, Pseudallescheria fusoidea, Petriellidium ellipsoideum, Pseudallescheria ellipsoidea, view in atlasScedosporium boydii (N)
Scedosporium dehoogiiview in atlasScedosporium dehoogii (N)
Scedosporium minutisporumPseudallescheria minutispora, Scedosporium minutisporumview in atlasScedosporium minutisporum (N)
Schizophyllum communeview in atlasSchizophyllum commune (N)
Schizophyllum radiatumview in atlasSchizophyllum radiatum (N)
Scolecobasidium globaleOchroconis globalisview in atlasOchroconis was morphologically different and maintained because the type of Scolecobasidium was not interpretable. With molecular data the distinction proved to be insignificant; Scolecobasidium is older. S. musae is another species.Scolecobasidium globale (N)
Scolecobasidium mirabilisOchroconis mirabilisview in atlasOchroconis was morphologically different and maintained because the type of Scolecobasidium was not interpretable. With molecular data the distinction proved to be insignificant; Scolecobasidium is older. S. musae is another species.Scolecobasidium mirabilis (N)
Scolecobasidium tshawytschaeHeterosporium tshawytschae, Ochroconis tshawytschaeview in atlasOchroconis was morphologically different and maintained because the type of Scolecobasidium was not interpretable. With molecular data the distinction proved to be insignificant; Scolecobasidium is older. S. musae is another species.Scolecobasidium tshawytschae (N)
NoneScopulariopsis americanumDoubtful, no typeNone
Scopulariopsis asperulaTorula asperula, Torula bestae, Phaeoscopulariopsis bestae, Scopulariopsis bestae, Scopulariopsis fuscaview in atlasScopulariopsis asperula (N)
NoneScopulariopsis aureaDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneScopulariopsis bertacciniiDoubtful, no typeNone
Scopulariopsis brevicaulisPenicillium brevicaule, Microascus brevicaulis, Scopulariopsis alboflavescensview in atlasScopulariopsis brevicaulis (N)
NoneScopulariopsis brumptiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Scopulariopsis candidaMonilia candida, Nephrospora manginii, Microascus manginii, Chrysosporium keratinophilum, Basipetospora denticolaview in atlasScopulariopsis candida (N)
NoneScopulariopsis caseiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneScopulariopsis castellaniiDoubtful, no typeNone
Scopulariopsis cordisNo proven case reportNone
NoneScopulariopsis finckiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Scytalidium cuboideumOospora cuboidea, Geotrichum cuboideum, Arthrographis cuboideaNo proven case reportNone
Scopulariopsis flavaAcaulium flavum view in atlasScopulariopsis flava (N)
Scopulariopsis fuscaview in atlasScopulariopsis fusca (N)
NoneScopulariopsis grylliDoubtful, no typeNone
Scopulariopsis koningii Monilia koningiiview in atlasScopulariopsis koningii (N)
Scytalidium infestansview in atlasScytalidium infestans (N)
Scytalidium japonicumview in atlasScytalidium japonicum (N)
Scytalidium lignicolaview in atlasScytalidium lignicola (N)
Spiromastigoides asexualisSpiromastix asexualisview in atlasSpiromastigoides asexualis (N)
Spiromastigoides geomycoidesNo proven case reportSpiromastigoides geomycoides (N)
NoneSpondylocladium atro-olivaceum Doubtful, no typeNone
Sporobolomyces salmonicolorBlastoderma salmonicolor, Sporidiobolus salmonicolorview in atlasSporobolomyces salmonicolor (N)
NoneSporormia articulata Doubtful, no typeNone
Sporothrix brasiliensis view in atlasSporotrichosis
Sporothrix chilensis view in atlasSporotrichosis
Sporothrix globosaview in atlasSporotrichosis
Sporothrix humicola view in atlasSporotrichosis
Sporothrix lurieiSporothrix schenckii view in atlasSporotrichosis
Sporothrix mexicanaview in atlasSporotrichosis
Sporothrix pallidaCalcarisporium pallidum, Sporothrix pallida, Sporothrix albicans, Sporothrix niveaview in atlasSporotrichosis
Sporothrix schenckii Sporotrichum schenckii, Sporotrichum schenckii-beurmannii var. schenckii, Rhinocladium schenckii, Rhinotrichum schenckii, Sporotrichum beurmannii, Dolichoascus schenckiiview in atlasSporotrichosis
Sporothrix stenocerasCeratostomella stenoceras, Ophiostoma stenoceras, Sporothrix stenocerasview in atlasSporotrichosis
NoneSporotrichum asteroides, Sporotrichum beurmannii var. asteroides, Rhinotrichum asteroides, Rhinocladium asteroides, Sporothrix asteroides, Rhinocladium beurmannii var. asteroidesDoubtful hyaline fungus, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum beurmannii, Trichosporium beurmannii, Rhinocladium beurmannii, Sporotrichum schenckii-beurmannii var. beurmannii, Sporotrichopsis beurmannii, Sporothrix beurmannii, Rhinotrichum beurmannii, Sporotrichum schenckii var. beurmanniiDoubtful hyaline fungus, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum brunaudiiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum brunneum, Trichosporum brunneumDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum carnis, Aleurisma carnisDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum carougeaui, Rhinocladium carougeaui, Sporotrichum beurmannii var. carougeauiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum cerebriforme, Streptomyces cerebriformis, Trichosporiella cerebriformisTo be investigatedNone
NoneSporotrichum councilmannii, Rhinocladium councilmannii, Rhinotrichum councilmannii, Acremoniella councilmannii, Sporotrichum beurmannii var. councilmanniiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum cracoviense, Monilia cracoviensis, Rhinocladium cracovienseDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum cutaneumDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum dermatodesDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum dermatosumDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum dori, Discomyces dori, Rhinocladium dori, Oospora dori, Actinomyces dori, Nocardia dori Doubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum epigaeum, Sporotrichum schenckii, var. fioccoi, Beauveria epigaea, Sporotrichum beurmannii var. fioccoi, Tritirachium epigaeumDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum equi, Rhinocladium equinum, Rhinocladium equiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum fonsecae, Rhinocladium fonsecaeDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum gougerotii, Rhinocladium gougerotii, Dematium gougerotii, Torula gougerotii, Oospora gougerotii, Phialophora gougerotii, Cladosporium gougerotiiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum schenckii var. greconis, Sporotrichum greconisDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneSporotrichum grigsbyiDoubtful, no typeNone
Stachybotrys chlorohalonatusview in atlasStachybotrys chlorohalonatus (N)
Stachybotrys eucylindrosporaNo proven case reportNone
Stagonosporopsis oculi-hominisPhoma oculo-hominis, Phoma dennisii var. oculo-hominis, Stagonosporopsis oculo-hominis,view in atlasStagonosporopsis oculi-hominis (N)
Staphylotrichum coccosporumview in atlasStaphylotrichum coccosporum (N)
Stenella araguataCladosporium castellanii view in atlasStenella araguata (N)
NoneSterigmatocystis antacusticaDoubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
NoneSterigmatocystis aureaDoubtful Aspergillus, no typeNone
Subramaniula asteroidesview in atlasSubramaniula asteroides (N)
Syncephalastrum racemosum view in atlasMucormycosis
NoneSyringospora cutaneaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Taeniolella exilisSeptonema exileNo proven case reportTaeniolella exilis (N)
Taeniolella stilbosporaTorula stilbosporaview in atlasTaeniolella stilbospora (N)
Talaromyces amestolkiaeview in atlasTalaromyces amestolkiae (N)
Talaromyces atroroseusview in atlasTalaromyces atroroseus (N)
Talaromyces boninensisTalaromyces helicus var. boninensis Talaromyces boninensis (N)
Talaromyces coalescensPenicillium coalescensview in atlasTalaromyces coalescens (N)
Talaromyces emersoniiPenicillium emersoniiNo proven case reportTalaromyces emersonii (N)
Talaromyces helicusPenicillium helicumview in atlasTalaromyces helicus (N)
Talaromyces marneffei Penicillium marneffeiview in atlasTalaromycosis
Talaromyces piceaePenicillium piceumview in atlasTalaromyces piceae (N)
Talaromyces purpureogenusPenicillium purpureogenumview in atlasTalaromyces purpureogenus (N)
Talaromyces radicusPenicillium radicumview in atlasTalaromyces radicus (N)
Talaromyces rugulosusPenicillium rugulosumview in atlasTalaromyces rugulosus (N)
Talaromyces verruculosus Penicillium verruculosumview in atlasTalaromyces verruculosus (N)
Tardiomyces depauwiiNo proven case report
Tetraploa aristataMassarina tetraploa,  Lophiostoma tetraploa, Tetraplosphaeria tetraploa, Tetraploa scheueriview in atlasTetraploa aristata (N)
NoneThailandia candidaDoubtful, no typeNone
Thamnostylum lucknowenseHelicostylum lucknowenseview in atlasMucormycosis
Thermoascus crustaceusDactylomyces crustaceus, Paecilomyces crustaceusview in atlasThermoascus crustaceus (N)
Thermoascus taitungiacusPaecilomyces taitungiacusview in atlasThermoascus taitungiacus (N)
Thermomyces dupontiiPenicillium dupontii, Talaromyces dupontii, Talaromyces thermophilusview in atlasThermomyces dupontii (N)
Thermomyces lanuginosusview in atlasThermomyces lanuginosus (N)
Thermothielavioides terrestrisAllescheria terrestris, Thielavia terrestris, Acremonium alabamenseview in atlasThermothielavioides terrestris (N)
NoneTilachlidium bogolepoffii, Mycoderma bogolepoffii, Geotrichum bogolepoffii, Cephalosporium bogolepoffii, Hyalopus bogolepoffiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Thyridium cornearisPhialemoniopsis cornearisNo proven case reportNone
Tilletiopsis minor Gjaerumia minorview in atlasTilletiopsis minor (N)
Tintelnotia destructansview in atlasTintelnotia destructans (N)
NoneTorula epizoa, Sporendonema epizoumDoubtful, no typeNone
Torulaspora delbrueckiiSaccharomyces delbrueckiiNo proven case reportNone
NoneTorulopsis bronchialis, Cryptococcus bronchialis, Rhodotorula bronchialisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneTorulopsis conglobata, Cryptococcus conglobatus, Candida albicans var. conglobata, Candida conglobataDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneTorulopsis ernobii, Candida ernobiiDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneTorulopsis estorilensisDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Trametes polyzonaPolyporus polyzonus view in atlasTrametes polyzona (N)
Trematosphaeria griseaMadurella griseaview in atlasTrematosphaeria grisea (N)
Triadelphia pulvinataview in atlasTriadelphia pulvinata (N)
Trichoderma asperellumNo proven case reportNone
Trichocladium asperumview in atlasTrichocladium asperum (N)
Trichoderma atrovirideHypocrea atroviridisview in atlasTrichoderma atroviride (N)
Trichoderma citrinovirideview in atlasTrichoderma citrinoviride (N)
Trichoderma harzianumHyprocrea lixii view in atlasTrichoderma harzianum (N)
Trichoderma koningiiview in atlasTrichoderma koningii (N)
Trichoderma longibrachiatumview in atlasTrichoderma longibrachiatum (N)
Trichoderma orientaleHypocrea orientalisview in atlasTrichoderma orientale (N)
Trichoderma pseudokoningii Hypocrea pseudokoningiiview in atlasTrichoderma pseudokoningii (N)
Trichoderma viridePyrenium lignorum var. vulgarum, Trichoderma viride, Trichoderma viride, Sphaeria rufa, Hypocrea rufaview in atlasTrichoderma viride (N)
Trichomonascus ciferriiCandida ciferrii, Stephanoascus ciferrii, Trichomonascus ciferrii, Sporothrix catenataview in atlasTrichomonascus ciferrii (N)
NoneTrichophyton acuminatum, Aleurosporia acuminata, Trichophyton tonsurans var. acuminatum Doubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton acutulumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichophyton africanumTrichophyton africanumview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneTrichophyton asteroides, Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. asteroides, Sabouraudites asteroides, Spiralia asteroides, Microsporum asteroides, Trichophyton gypseum var. asteroidesDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton avaricum, Arthroderma avaricum Doubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneFavotrichophyton avium, Grubyella avium, Trichophyton aviumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichophyton benhamiaeArthroderma benhamiaeview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneTrichophyton bicolorDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichophyton bullosumview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneTrichophyton caninum, Sabouraudites caninus, Megatrichophyton caninumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton carateum, Mycoderma carateumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton castellanii (Brooke)Doubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton castellanii (Perry), Endodermophyton castellaniiDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton cerebriformeDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton ceroton, Favotrichophyton cerotonDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton ceylonenseDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton cineraceumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton cinereum, Favotrichophyton cinereumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton circonvolutumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichophyton concentricumT. benhamiae species complexLepidophyton concentricum, Aspergillus concentricum, Endodermophyton concentricum, Oospora concentrica, Achorion concentricum, Mycoderma concentricumview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneTrichophyton conicum, Favotrichophyton conicumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton coronatum, Favotrichophyton coronatumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophton crateriforme, Chlamydoaleuriospora crateriformisDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton cruris, Epidermophyton cruris, Fusoma crurisDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton currii, Ateleothylax currii, Matruchotiella curriiDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton decalvans, Trichomyces decalvansDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton denticulatum, Trichophyton niveum var. denticulatum, Ectotrichophyton denticulatum, Microtrichophyton denticulatum, Aleurosporia denticulata, Ctenomyces denticulatus, Ectotrichophyton felineum var. denticulatumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton depilans, Trichophyton epilans, Favotrichophyton epilansDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton depressumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton discoides, Favotrichophyton discoides, Grubyella discoides, Trichophyton faviforme var. discoides, Trichophyton verrucosum var. discoidesDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton effractum, Aleurosporia effracta, Trichophyton tonsurans var. effractumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton ehimeënse, Ectotrichophyton ehimeënseDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichophyton equinumT. tonsurans species complexEctotrichophyton equinum, Megatrichophyton equinum, Ctenomyces equinus, Trichophyton areolatum, Trichophyton equinum var. autotrophicumview in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton erinaceiTrichophyton mentagrophytes, Arthroderma benhamiae, Trichophyton proliferansview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneTrichophyton erioton, Ectotrichophyton eriotonDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichophyton eriotrephonCtenomyces eriotrephon, Ectotrichophyton eriotrephonview in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton europaeumview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneTrichophyton expansum, Favotrichophyton expansumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton exsiccatum, Trichophyton tonsurans var. exsiccatumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton farinulentum, Ectotrichophyton farinulentus, Sabouraudites farinulentus, Closteroaleuriosporia farinulenta, Microsporum farinulentum, Ctenomyces farinulentusDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton felineum, Microtrichophyton felineum, Ctenomyces felineusDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton flavovirens, Favotrichophyton flavovirensDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton flavum, Neotrichophyton flavumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton rubrum var. flavumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton floreale, Favotrichophyton florealeDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton fumatumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton mentagrophytes var. goetziiDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton gypseum var. gemmulolaniferumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton georgiae, Chrysosporium georgiaeDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton glabrum var. fuscinumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton fuscosulcatum, Trichophyton fuscumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton gallopavumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton gamelleiraeDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton glabrum, Trichophyton glabrum, Bodinia glabra, Favotrichophyton glabrumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichophyton gourviliiFavotrichophyton gourviliiTaxonomic position in T. rubrum complex still to be establishedDermatophytosis
NoneTrichophyton granulosum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. granulosum, Ectotrichophyton granulosum, Sabouraudites granulosus, Chlamydoaleuriospora granulosa, Trichophyton gypseum var. granulosumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton griseum, Sabouraudites griseus, Ctenomyces griseus, Ectotrichophyton griseum var. brasilienseDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton guzzoniiDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton gypseum, Achorion gypseum, Sabouraudites gypseus, Closterosporia gypsea, Microsporum gypseum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. gypseumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichophyton indotineae Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. indotineaeview in atlasTechnically in the T. mentagrophytes complex, but its virulence and frequent antifungal resistance make it sufficiently significant for separate recognition.Dermatophytosis
Trichophyton interdigitaleT. mentagrophytes species complexSabouraudites interdigitalis, Epidermophyton interdigitale, Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. interdigitale, Kaufmannwolfia interdigitalis, Microides interdigitalis, Trichophyton radicosum, Trichophyton batonrougei, Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. batonrougei, Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. nodulare, Trichophyton candelabreum, Trichophyton krajdenii  view in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton japonicum view in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton mentagrophytesMicrosporum mentagrophytes, Sporotrichum mentagrophytes,  Ectotrichophyton mentagrophytes, Ctenomyces mentagrophytes, Spiralia mentagrophytes, Bodinia abyssinica, Trichophyton abyssinicum, Favotrichophyton abyssinicum, Arthroderma vanbreuseghemiiview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneTrichophyton mentagrophytes var. calistegicumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
NoneTrichophyton mentagrophytes var. caviaeDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
None Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. cucurbeticumDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichophyton persicumview in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton quinckeanumOidium quinckeanum, Achorion quinckeanum, Sabouraudites quinckeanus, Closteroaleuriospora quinckeana, Microsporum quinckeanum, Trichophyton gypseum var. quinckeanum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. quinckeanum, Trichophyton sarkisovii view in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton rubrum Epidermophyton rubrum, Sabouraudites ruber, Sabouraudiella rubra, Trichophyton balcaneum, Bodinia balcanea, Favotrichophyton balcaneum, Trichophyton pervesii, Trichophyton rodhainii, Trichophyton rubrum var. rodhainii, Trichophyton fluviomuniense, Trichophyton fischeri, Trichophyton raubitschekii, Trichophyton rubrum var. raubitschekii, Trichophyton kanei  view in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton schoenleinii Oidium schoenleinii, Achorion schoenleinii, Schoenleinium achorion, Grubyella schoenleinii, Arthrosporia schoenleinii, Sporotrichum schoenleiniiview in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton simiiEpidermophyton simii, Pinoyella simii, Arthroderma simiiview in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton soudanenseT. rubrum species complexLangeronia soudanensis, Achorion soudanenseview in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton spiraliformeview in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton tonsurans Oidium tonsurans, Trichophyton floriforme, Favotrichophyton floriforme, Trichophyton immergensview in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton verrucosumFavotrichophyton verrucosum, Ectotrichophyton verrucosumview in atlasDermatophytosis
Trichophyton violaceumT. rubrum species complexAchorion violaceum, Sabouraudites violaceum, Bodinia violacea, Arthrosporia violacea, Favotrichophyton violaceum, Trichophyton violaceum var. indicum, Trichophyton yaoundei, Trichophyton kuryangeiview in atlasDermatophytosis
NoneTrichosporon appendiculareDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Trichosporon asahiiProteomyces infestans, Sporotrichum infestans, Mycoderma infestans, Geotrichum infestans, Trichosporon infestans, Trichosporon figueriae view in atlasTrichosporon asahii (N)
Trichosporon asteroides Parendomyces asteroides, Geotrichoides asteroides, Proteomyces asteroides, Prototheca filamentaview in atlasTrichosporon asteroides (N)
Trichosporon coremiiformeHemispora coremiiformis, Geotrichum coremiiforme, Trichosporon asahii var. coremiiformisview in atlasTrichosporon coremiiforme (N)
Trichosporon dohaenseview in atlasTrichosporon dohaense (N)
NoneTrichosporon equinumDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Trichosporon faecaleEndomycopsis mali, Trichosporon asahii  var. faecalisview in atlasTrichosporon faecale (N)
NoneTrichosporum foxii, Trichosporon foxiiDoubtful, no typeNone
NoneTrichosporon giganteum, Geotrichum giganteumDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
NoneTrichosporon giganteum, Piedraia colombianaDoubtful yeast, no typeNone
Trichosporon inkinSarcinomyces inkin, Trichosporon inkin, Sarcinosporon inkinview in atlasTrichosporon inkin (N), white piedra
Trichosporon japonicumview in atlasTrichosporon japonicum (N)
Trichosporon ovoidesGeotrichum amycelicum, Oospora amycelicaview in atlasTrichosporon ovoides (N)
Tritirachium oryzaeBeauveria oryzae, Tritirachium roseumview in atlasTritirachium oryzae (N)
Vanrija humicolaTorula humicola, Candida humicola, Cryptococcus humicola, Asterotremella humicolaview in atlasVanrija humicola (N)
NoneVermicularia atramentarium, Colletotrichum atramentariumDoubtful, no typeNone
Veronaea botryosaview in atlasVeronaea botryosa (N)
NoneVeronaia castellaniiDoubtful, no typeNone
Verruconis gallopavaDiplorhinotrichum gallopavum, Dactylaria gallopava,  Ochroconis gallopava, Dactylaria constricta var. gallopava, Verruconis gallopava view in atlasVerruconis gallopava (N)
NoneVerticillium depauperatum, Microsporum iris var. craikiiDoubtful dermatophyte, no typeNone
Verticillium dahliaeview in atlasVerticillium dahliae (N)
NoneVerticillium graphii, Glenospora graphii, Trichosporium graphii, Glenosporopsis graphiiDoubtful, no typeNone
Volvariella volvaceaAgaricus volvaceus view in atlasVolvariella volvacea (N)
Volutella cinerescensPsilonia cinerescensNo proven case reportNone
Wallemia sebi Sporendonema sebi, Hemispora stellataview in atlasWallemia sebi (N)
Westerdykella dispersaPycnidiophora dispersa, Preussia dispersaview in atlasWesterdykella dispersa (N)
Westerdykella minutisporaPhoma oryzae, Phoma minutisporaview in atlasWesterdykella minutispora (N)
Wickerhamiella pararugosaCryptococcus aggregatus, Torulopsis aggregata, Candida rugosa var. elegans, Candida pararugosa, Wickerhamiella pararugosaview in atlasWickerhamiella pararugosa (N)
Wickerhamomyces anomalusSaccharomyces anomalus, Willia anomala, Hansenula anomala, Pichia anomala, Wickerhamomyces anomalus, Candida pelliculosa, Monilia pelliculosa, Mycocandida pelliculosa, Candida beverwijkiaeview in atlasCandida pelliculosa or Hansenula anomala. Epithet anomalus (1891) is older than pelliculosa (1925). Although the generic name has been changed several times, W. anomalus is probably the better choice.Wickerhamomyces anomalus (N)
Wickerhamomyces myanmarensisPichia myanmarensisview in atlasWickerhamomyces myanmarensis (N)
Xerochrysium dermatitidisGlenosporella dermatitidis, Aleurisma dermatitidis, Chrysosporium inopsview in atlasXerochrysium dermatitidis (N)
Xylaria enteroleucaHypoxylon enteroleucumview in atlasXylaria enteroleuca (N)
Yarrowia deformansPseudomonilia deformans, Candida deformansNo proven case reportYarrowia deformans (N)
Yarrowia lipolyticaMycotorula lipolytica, Candida lipolytica, Monilia cornealis, Proteomyces cornealis, Endomycopsis lipolyticaview in atlasYarrowia is phylogenetically correct, remote from Candida, and well-accepted.Yarrowia lipolytica (N)
Zygoascus hellenicusCandida steatolyticaview in atlasZygoascus hellenicus (N)
Zygoascus meyeraeTrichosporon hellenicum, Candida hellenica, Zygoascus meyerae, Pichia hangzhouanaview in atlasZygoascus meyerae (N)