Mucoromycotina, Mucorales, Saksenaeaceae. Genus: SAKSENAEA

Recommended barcoding gene: rDNA ITS. Small genus with very characteristic sporangiophores. The classical species S. vasiformis has recently been split up into several species (Álvarez et al., 2010). All species are environmentel and have been implicated in human infection with similar pathology causing severe necrosis in susceptible patients. Davidson et al. (2020) reported necrotizing cases by a potentially novel species according to phylogenetic criteria.

Generic type species: Saksenaea vasiformis Saksena (1953).

Key to species

Key to the treated species of Saksenaea:

1a. Sporangiospores cylindrical

S. vasiformis
1b. Sporangiospores ellipsoidal    2
2a. Sporangiospores ellipsoidal but concave on lateral view S. erythrospora
2b. Sporangiospores broadly ellipsoidal, somewhat swollen S. oblongispora

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