Saksenaea erythrospora

Mucoromycotina, Mucorales, Saksenaeaceae. Genus: SAKSENAEA

Saksenaea erythrospora Álvarez et al.

Colony characteristics

Colonies (CzA, 37°C) growing rapidly, filling the petri dish within 4 days; aerial mycelium sparse. On MEA colonies white, floccose.


Hyphae branched, hyaline, 3-6 µm diam. Sporangiophores erect, generally arising singly, hyaline, soon becoming light brown, straight, unbranched, 100-150 × 7-11 µm. Sporangia terminal, multispored, flask-shaped, asperulate, 100-220 µm long, with a long (80-200 µm) neck; apex of the neck closed with a mucilaginous plug. Sporangiospores mostly ellipsoid, biconcave in a lateral view, smooth-walled, membranes collapsing at maturity, 5.0-5.5 × 2.5-3.0 µm. Zygospores not observed.


RG-1, BSL-1. A fatal case in a patient with severe burn wounds was described by Hospenthal et al. (2011), necrotizing skin infections after intramuscular injection (Chander et al., 2017) and secondary to surgery (Rodríguez et al., 2016), and an invasive sinusitis by Tendolkar et al. (2015). An infection after a sailing accident was reported by Relloso et al. (2014)Lawhon et al. (2012) described an abortion in a cow.


Álvarez et al. (2010).


Saksenaea erythrospora Álvarez, Cano, Stchigel & Guarro – J. Clin. Microbiol. 48: 4415, 2010; type strain: FMR 10672 = UTHSC 08-3606; ITS rDNA = NR_149333.1.

Antifungal susceptibility

AMB81Hospenthal et al. (2011)
AMB41Lawhon et al. (2012)
AND>161Hospenthal et al. (2011)
AND>161Lawhon et al. (2012)
CFG>161Hospenthal et al. (2011)
CFG>161Lawhon et al. (2012)
ITZ0.51Hospenthal et al. (2011)
ITZ0.51Lawhon et al. (2012)
MCF>161Hospenthal et al. (2011)
MCF>161Lawhon et al. (2012)
PCZ0.51Hospenthal et al. (2011)
PCZ0.251Lawhon et al. (2012)
TBF0.031Hospenthal et al. (2011)
TBF0.031Lawhon et al. (2012)
VCZ161Hospenthal et al. (2011)
VCZ81Lawhon et al. (2012)

Saksenaea erythrospora. a. Sporangiophore; b. sporangiospores. Scale bars A = 50 µm; B = 5 µm.

Saksenaea erythrospora, UTHSC 06-576. a. Sporangiophore; b. sporangiospores. Scale bars a = 20 µm; b = 10 µm.

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Saksenaea erythrospora