Ascomycota, Saccharomycotina, Saccharomycetales, Dipodascaceae. Genus: SPOROPACHYDERMIA

Colonies buttery, whitish, glistening. Budding multilateral on a narrow base. Budding cells ovoidal to ellipsoidal, sometimes curved. Pseudohyphae and true hyphae absent. Cultures on agar with strong, unpleasant smell. Homo- or heterothallic. Ascospores 1-4 per ascus, spherical to bacilliform, with a thick wall.

Small genus of yeasts having a natural habitat in rotting cactus, slime flux of trees or polluted water.

Generic type species: Cryptococcus lactativorus Phaff et al. (1967) ≡ Sporopachydermia lactativora (Phaff et al.) Rodrigues de Miranda (1978)

Key to the treated species of Sporopachydermia:

1a. Erythritol assimilated S. cereana

1b. Erythritol not assimilated S. lactativora