Talaromyces georgiensis

Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina, Eurotiales, Trichocomaceae. Genus: TALAROMYCES

Talaromyces georgiensis Guevara-Suarez et al.

Culture characteristics

Colonies (CzA, 7 d, 25°C) attaining 30 mm diam, with raised centre, flat towards the periphery, velvety, white, with sparse, pale green conidial masses; exudate absent; reverse yellowish white.


Conidiophores mostly monoverticillate; stipes rough-walled, somewhat pigmented, 11-15 × 2.5-3.0 μm. Metulae two to three, divergent, 12-15 × 2.0-2.5 μm; phialides two to four per metula, acerose, 8-13(−20) × 2.5-3.0 μm. Conidia smooth-walled, (sub)spherical, 2.5-4.5 × 2.2-3.0 μm. Sexual state unknown.


RG-2, BSL-2. Described from canine subcutaneous infections (Guevara-Suarez et al., 2017; Monpierre et al., 2023). Okada et al. (2020) reported polyarthritis in a poodle dog.


Talaromyces georgiensis Guevara-Suarez, D.A. Sutton & Wiederhold, in Guevara-Suarez, Sutton, Gené, García, Wiederhold, Guarro & Cano-Lira – Mycoses 60: 656, 2017; type strain: CBS 142380 = UTHSC DI16-145.