Trichosporon austroamericanum

Basidiomycota, Agaricomycotina, Trichosporonales, Trichosporonaceae. Genus: TRICHOSPORON

Trichosporon austroamericanum Francisco et al.

Latest update: 12 June 2024

Colony characteristics

Colonies (YPG, 7 d, 25°C) growing slowly, cream colored, cerebriform and somewhat raised at the centre, flat with slight fissures in the marginal part.


Hyphae abundant, septate every 15-30 μm, 1.0-2.5 μm wide, locally forming (sub)spherical to ellipsoidal budding cells measuring 2-4 × 1.5-3.0 μm; hyphae later falling apart into long, cylindrical arthroconidia. Appressoria absent. Sexual state unknown.

Molecular diagnostics

The species can be distinguished from T. inkin by rDNA IGS and ITS sequences and by Maldi-tof (Francisco et al., 2024).


RG-1, BSL-1. Repeatedly isolated from clinical specimens, natural habitat being unknown (Francisco et al., 2024).


Francisco et al. (2024).


Trichosporon austroamericanum Francisco, Colombo, Desnos-Ollivier & Hagen, in Francisco, Desnos-Ollivier, Dieleman, Boekhout, Santos, Medina-Pestana, Colombo & Hagen – Mycopathologia 189-43: 11, 2024; type strain: CBS 17435; IGS rDNA = OM472496, ITS rDNA = PP192021.

Antifungal susceptibility

AntifungalMICs rangeStrainsReference
AMB1-87Francisco et al. (2024)
FCZ2-47Francisco et al. (2024)
ISA0.03-0.1257Francisco et al. (2024)
PCZ0.03-0.257Francisco et al. (2024)
VCZ0.03-0.067Francisco et al. (2024)