Glossary – T

Terminology used in this Atlas is explained below. The reader is also referred to the Dictionary of the Fungi (Hawksworth et al., 1995). For descriptive terms in morphology, the Illustrated Dictionary of Mycology (Ulloa & Hanlin, 2000) is recommended. Diagram of used shape terminology


Glossary – T

tadpoleshaped – subspherical with an extended basal part.

tapering – gradually becoming narrower towards one of the ends.

taxonomic structure – kinds of species in a group, and their interrelationships.

tearshaped – with rounded apex and pointed base.

teleomorph – sexual form of sporulation.

teliospore – cell in smuts where karyogamy and meiosis takes place.

terverticillate – conidial stipes in Penicillium which are twice branched, each branch bearing whorl of phialides.

textura angularis – fruit body wall composed of angular cells.

textura epidermoidea – fruit body wall composed of jigsawshaped cells.

textura intricata – fruit body wall composed of interwoven hyphal elements.

thallic – kind of conidiogenesis in which a preexisting hyphal element is converted into one or several conidia.

thallus – fungal organism as a more or less coherent structure, either one or multicelled.

thyroiditis – inflammation of the thyroid gland.

tomentose – with a covering of soft hairs.

toruloid – with swollen cells like a chain of pearls.

trailing hyphae – hyphae resting on agar surface.

transverse – of septation: at right angles to length axis of hypha.

true chain – conidial chain produced by meristematic growth of the phialide tip, a hyphal element being extruded from the phialide opening, later differentiating into conidia.

truncate – with flat base, the scar being nearly as wide as the conidium.

tuberculate – with blunt ornamentations.